Known untruth: Minas’ lack of transparency in the Murilo case

Known untruth: Minas’ lack of transparency in the Murilo case
Known untruth: Minas’ lack of transparency in the Murilo case

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Where there is no transparency, there cannot be reliability.

Minas’ ability to wrap himself around his own legs is impressive.

The Murilo Radke case is yet another negative episode involving the club, board, coach and player.

Lack of skill is nothing new.

Two years ago, Minas publicly demonstrated its administrative incapacity in the Maurício Souza issue. Between back and forth, leaked audio and pressure from the sponsor, the former player fell.

The decision divided public opinion and sparked discussions on social media.

Last season, Minas publicly betrayed and denounced Nery Tambeiro before the end of the Superliga, exposing and holding the coach directly responsible for the negative results.

If an employee of almost a decade was not respected, it would be no different with Murilo Radke.

The logic of lying is to distort the truth.

Transparency is like a light, it reveals any type of dirt if it exists. But where there is not enough light, there is no transparency.

Minas lied when justifying Murilo’s absence against Suzano alleging technical issues.

The setter, who demanded an end to the differentiated treatment, was already away and his fate was sealed.

Guilherme Novaes, under pressure, knocked down Murilo Radke, won the arm wrestle and demanded the athlete leave.

Transparency is not an easy behavior to adopt.

The official note from Minas speaks of ‘early termination of the employment contract, by mutual agreement between the parties’.

Another untruth.

The common agreement was only in relation to financial issues, not technical ones.

Guilherme had no ethics and ethics differentiates a good professional from a professional. And generally, those who run away from ethics are, fatally, run over by morals.

Murilo Radke is yet another victim of the system.

The curious thing is that the hiring of the setter was recommended and approved by the coach.

It is good to say that inconsistency does not mean being contrary to what was previously thought. This is evolution.

In this episode, however, falsehood and hypocrisy were easily identified in the discrepancy between the coach’s words and attitudes.

Now there’s no going back.

Murilo went and left Minas, fried and practically without playing, in fifth place.

Without him, based on the decisions of the coach and the board, the tendency is to see the team fly, overcoming all opponents and ending the title drought.

The charge now has a first and last name: Guilherme Novaes.

To be checked.

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