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British electric bike manufacturer Gocycle has announced a new range of foldable cargo e-bikes for the whole family. The Gocycle CX+ is already in the pre-sale phase and has a new handlebar model that promises to be more adaptable to increase comfort and improve the rider’s experience.


  • Gocycle, an electric bike maker since 2009, has announced a new line of foldable cargo e-bikes;
  • In addition to weighing 23 kg and carrying a total load of up to 200 kg, the CX+ also has a new type of ergonomic handlebar called Flofit and a wooden rear support;
  • The bike is already on pre-sale on the official Gocycle website, and, to get a place in line, you must make a refundable deposit of 499 pounds (R$3,132.48);
  • On the website, the price of the CX+ is 5,832.50 pounds (R$36,613.62). For retailers, the suggested price is 5,999 pounds (R$37,658.82).

Based in London, the company was founded by Richard Thorpe, a former McLaren car designer, and has been in the electric bicycle market since 2009, with the launch of the Gocycle G1. The company was a pioneer in creating bikes with technologies such as Bluetooth connection.

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More details about Gocycle’s new e-bike

Gocycle CX+ (Image: Gocycle / Disclosure)

According to the description on the company’s website, the CX+ weighs just 23 kg and is capable of supporting a total load of up to 220 kg. In addition to the new ergonomic handlebars – the Flofit – the bike also has a wooden rear support compatible with child seats, animal transport boxes and even a protection system inspired by the Halo, from Formula 1.

To The Verge, Thorpe gave details about the new model: “The new patent-pending CX carrier has been designed and tested with a maximum load vehicle rating of 220 kg and multi-passenger/rider loading and unloading use cases. It presents a formidable design and engineering challenge, based on our many years of experience in the compact and folding electric bicycle market segment.”

A refundable deposit of £499 (R$3,132.48) is required to enter the official Gocycle pre-sale queue. On the website, the price of the e-bike is 5,832.50 pounds (R$36,613.62) – not counting fees – and, for retailers, the suggested price is 5,999 pounds (R$37,658.82).

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