Death certificate of young man who met with player in SP indicates rupture in intimate region

Death certificate of young man who met with player in SP indicates rupture in intimate region
Death certificate of young man who met with player in SP indicates rupture in intimate region

Livia Grabriele died after a meeting with player Dimas Cândido de Oliveira Filho

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The death certificate of Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos, aged 19, who died after a meeting with a Corinthians under-20 player, in São Paulo, indicated that the cause of the young woman’s death was a rupture in the intimate region. She had four cardiorespiratory arrests due to bleeding from a wound measuring approximately five centimeters in her genital organ. The case is investigated.

The young woman died after meeting with striker Dimas Cândido de Oliveira Filho. According to the CBNthe nursing student had a “rupture of the cul-de-sac of Douglas” with the wound extending “to the left vaginal wall”. The region of the Sac of Douglas is located in the pelvis, between the uterus and the rectum”.

The results of complementary tests, such as toxicological, sexological and necroscopic, have not yet been released. On TV Globo, Lívia’s family lawyer, Alfredo Porcer, stated that the rupture mentioned in the document apparently does not occur in a normal sexual relationship, but that it is still premature to conclude anything.

“This rupture, apparently, in a normal sexual relationship it does not rupture. What is being investigated by the police, the competent delegate in charge of the case, is to find out whether there was violence or the introduction of any object there,” she declared.

“You can’t suspect anything, he [jogador] is being investigated, the death is suspicious. What I can bring here is that the father just told me that, in the hospital, he wanted to leave, that he had a ticket purchased, very tense. He brought this information to me now. A conclusion will only be reached with the IML report, plus the medical records and the care that Livia received on the day of the events”, he added.

Authorities also want the young woman’s health history. The Civil Police continues with the investigation and does not rule out that the case is a fatality. A

Remember the case

Lívia met with Dimas at his apartment, in Tatuapé, a region in the east of São Paulo, on the night of Tuesday, 30th. The player told the police that they spoke for a few months on social media, and arranged the meeting. There, they had sex, and at one point, the young woman passed out.

The player called the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), and provided first aid until the team arrived. Lívia had four cardiac arrests: one at the player’s property; another in the ambulance; the third at the Tatuapé Municipal Hospital, where she was taken and stabilized; and fourth, in which she did not resist.

Dimas Cândido arrived at Corinthians in 2023, on loan from Coimbra.

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After the Military Police were called, the player was taken to the 30th DP of Tatuapé, where he gave a statement. He said that the moment he called Samu, he noticed that the young woman was bleeding.

According to TV Globo, he reported that they did not use drugs or drink alcohol. On Wednesday, the 31st, the athlete’s apartment was inspected. At the scene, there was a small amount of blood on the mattress and on the floor, as well as a condom and two electronic cigarettes.

To the Earth, Dimas’ lawyer, Tiago Lenoir, states that his client is not even considered a suspect or investigated, and that he is still a witness. According to Lenoir, the player is very shaken by everything that happened, but maintains that he did not commit any crime.

“He did absolutely nothing. On the contrary, he provided first aid to her. He was on a call for more than 21 minutes trying to provide help. Dimas is very dismayed by this whole situation. Now we have to wait to see what the police have to clarify. Only forensics will be able to confirm what happened in this fatality.”

In a statement, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista informed that it is closely monitoring developments in the facts related to the episode involving one of its base athletes, in addition to reinforcing that the club awaits the investigation of the facts and is available to collaborate with the authorities. “Above all, Corinthians deeply regrets the young woman’s death and sympathizes with her family.”

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