Cruzeiro target, Villalba makes cryptic post on social network < In Attack

Cruzeiro target, Villalba makes cryptic post on social network < In Attack
Cruzeiro target, Villalba makes cryptic post on social network < In Attack
Lucas Villalba’s post on Instagram included a photo with teammates
(photo: Instagram Reproduction)

Cruzeiro target, Lucas Villalba made an enigmatic post on social media this Friday (2/2). The 29-year-old defender published a video with photos of special moments wearing the Argentinos Juniors shirt. In the caption, in a farewell tone, he thanked the club’s fans and wrote phrases like “it’s not forever”.

On his Instagram profile (@luquitaasvillalba), which is private to the general public, Villalba posted a video with several photos – with fans and players – and some filmed moments from his time at Argentinos Juniors – such as specific situations in the stadium and a move in which the defender saves the ball over the line.

The song used by the defender in the post was “Bicho de Ciudad”, by the Argentine rock band “Los Piojos”. In one part, the song talks about something that is to come: “And don’t be scared if I laugh like crazy / it is necessary that sometimes it is like this / it will be life that always catches us a little / dazzles us with what is for coming”.

At Argentinos Juniors since 2021, Villalba has played 127 games, five goals and five assists for the La Paternal team. The athlete also defended Independiente, Atlético Tucumán, Huracán and Aldosivi in ​​his home country.

A target of Cruzeiro since mid-January, the defender is awaiting negotiations with the clubs. This Friday (2/2), the team from Minas Gerais gained a new candidate for signing – see details here -, however the athlete’s manager, Lucas Labbad Santiago, assured that everything is ok for the trip to Belo Horizonte.

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“We are left with the damned thorn of not having been able to crown with a title, something that we have been looking for, but that I have no doubt will be achieved! In almost every note I was asked about this, what we were for, I tried to say the same: ‘Let’s enjoy the moments we are living, what we achieved and the time we managed to hold on to it, because it’s not forever, and at some point those we don’t like arrive’.

Finally, I address all the Argentino Juniors fans, THANK YOU! As I said at the beginning, I experienced things I never lived before! I felt the affection in every possible way and it made me very happy! It’s not easy to arrive at a club that is ‘the world’s biggest club’ and have to shape yourself and try to represent yourself in that same way! I hope I have done so and that the affection we generate for each other will never be lost! I’m absolutely sure that we’ll be able to see each other again soon! THANKS! I thought a lot about how and what to say about what I experienced, but the positive conquered me, how beautiful I lived!

I just hope that the club continues to grow, that the achievements are much more and that this group that was formed can achieve what we couldn’t! That way we will all be very happy!”

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