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Daniel Alves will be tried for sexual assault in Barcelona
(photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The Barcelona Court made a new decision on the trial of Brazilian defender Daniel Alves. The case will be judged starting this Monday (5/2), and the press will be able to follow the hearing from inside. However, the victim and his family will have to be preserved.

The victim cannot be filmed. This was one of the conditions for press release. Her family members must also be preserved.

The tendency is for the trial to last three days. In total, 28 witnesses will be heard. They are people from both sides, both the prosecution and the defense. The sessions will be chaired by Isabel Delgado Pérez, accompanied by Luís Belestá Segura and Pablo Diez Noval.

Daniel should be heard this Monday. Another six witnesses will testify on the same day. The rest will speak on the second day of the trial. The third day will be used to deliver reports, image analysis and conclusions of the case.

How is Daniel Alves’ situation?

The player has been in prison since January 20, 2023. He is suspected of a sexual crime against a 23-year-old girl at the end of December. The court, in fact, ordered the arrest after contradictory statements from the Brazilian player. The accusation asks for a maximum penalty, therefore, 12 years in prison under Spanish law. The Public Prosecutor’s Office, in turn, asks for nine years in prison.

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