Kalani Konig shines in the STU National qualifiers in Floripa


Kalani Konig doing an aerial at the STU National Park in Floripa (Photo: Julio Detefon/STU Disclosure)

Olympic skateboarding includes two modalities: street and park. Each of them has distinct characteristics that make them unique. The first involves maneuvering around obstacles such as stairs, ramps and handrails. In the second, athletes use the walls of a deep track to perform their radical acrobatics.

It’s not uncommon, but there are few cases in which a skateboarder can do well in both disciplines. In addition, achieve first position among 24 athletes and obtain the best score of the day in both. Kalani Konig, just 16 years old, achieved this feat. Born in Florianópolis-SC, Kalani was the main highlight of the STU National in Floripa this Friday (2). Competing in front of friends and family, the young skater dominated the men’s street and park heats.

“I didn’t finish my first lap at the Park, the day was very hot, it was really hot. But my performance was perfect on Monday and I was able to run to the other track, because my heat there coincided with being practically at the same time. On Street, I managed to hit my entire first line with the maneuvers I wanted, I cleared the track. And I still did what no one has done yet, which is to get down on the biggest handrail and go straight to the ruba”, analyzed Kalani Konig. He had to give up on the third lap of the park to race for the street race.


In the second heat of the park qualifiers, Kalani Konig achieved a score of 80.33 and was ahead of stars of the sport such as Pedro Barros, Augusto Akio and Dan Sabino. On the street, he competed in the third heat and scored 76.12 to send Luiz Francisco, who was in Tokyo, to the repechage.

List of classifieds

The STU National in Floripa inaugurates a new competition format. In it, the 24 skaters, both in Park and Street, are divided in the elimination phase into six heats with four athletes each. Then, only the first team from each advances straight to the semi-final. Meanwhile, second and third go to the repechage and fourth place is eliminated. The women’s competitions start this Saturday (3). Check out the classifieds list below.

  • Kalani Konig – 80.33 (direct classification)
  • Augusto Akio – 79.50 (direct classification)
  • Dan Sabino – 78.00 (direct classification)
  • Pedro Barros – 77.17 (direct classification)
  • Luiz Francisco – 74.00 (direct classification)
  • Murilo Peres – 70.00 (direct classification)
  • Vini Kothe (74.00) – Repechage
  • Victor Ikeda (66.00) – Repechage
  • Weslley Alves (65.83) – Repechage
  • João Bito (51.00) – Repechage
  • Pedro Quintas (72.33) – Repechage
  • Diego Takahashi (69.00) – Repechage
  • Kalani Konig – 76.12 (direct classified)
  • Sebatian Simonetto – 75.22 (direct classification)
  • Gabriel Fortunato – 74.19 (direct classification)
  • Vitor H. Genghini – 73.96 (direct classification)
  • Ivan Monteiro – 73.73 (direct classification)
  • Samuel Jimmy – 66.48 (direct classification)
  • Bruno Silva (77.90) – Repechage
  • Wallace Gabriel (71.50) – Repechage
  • João Lucas Alves (69.57) – Repechage
  • Matheus Teixeira (61.69) – Repechage
  • Ismael Henrique (72.94) – Repechage
  • Dénis Silva (69.37) – Repechage

*With information from STU National

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