Former Cruzeiro, Dudu was investigated for a scam when he lived in BH < No Attack

Former Cruzeiro, Dudu was investigated for a scam when he lived in BH < No Attack
Former Cruzeiro, Dudu was investigated for a scam when he lived in BH < No Attack
Dudu and Thiago Donda
(photo: Reproduction)

Trained in the youth categories of cruisestriker Dudu, now at Palmeiras, met former advisor and best man Thiago Donda when he lived in Belo Horizonte, around 2011, according to information from the website ge.

Donda is one of those investigated in the process that determines the loss of R$18 million due to irregular movements in the player’s bank accounts.

The 15th Police District of São Paulo is still investigating employees of a bank and a notary’s office in São Paulo.

According to the investigation, the loss came from transactions with false signatures in the account in which Dudu received Verdão’s image rights. This slice can correspond to up to 40% of an athlete’s salary in Brazil.

Lawyers understand that a series of frauds occurred, such as transfers and payments of amounts to third party accounts, sale of Capitalization Bonds without the victim’s authorization and signature forgery.

The Police are awaiting receipt of documents from the bank to advance the investigation and make calls for clarification of those possibly involved. Crimes of embezzlement, falsification of public documents, ideological falsehood and criminal association are being assessed.

How Dudu realized he was being robbed

In 2023, Dudu discovered, together with his accountant, that “Dudu Sete Agenciamento de Imagens Esportivas”, the company from which he receives image rights, had not paid taxes since 2018. In fact, there was an agreement to settle the debts. Lawyers understand that Thiago Donda had been using the amount for his own benefit.

Dudu questioned the information, as the amounts in which he received Palmeiras’ image rights were already reserved for paying taxes. Only then would the net amount go to the attacker’s personal account.

The attacker received confirmation that taxes were not being paid, in addition to transfers to Thiago Donda with chips that should have been authorized by the player. He claims he was not aware of any of them.

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