Paulo Borrachinha’s knockout power is questioned by UFC light heavyweight: ‘It’s not scary’


Paulo Borrachinha in action at UFC (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

About to return to the octagon to face the former champion Robert Whittaker at the UFC 298on February 17th, Paulo Borrachinha He is considered the owner of two of the heaviest hands in the middleweight division (up to 83.9 kg), having won 11 of his 14 victories by knockout. There are, however, those who question the Brazilian’s ability to knock out his opponents.

During participation in the podcast ‘Believe You Me’, by Michael Bisping, Anthony Smitha UFC light heavyweight (up to 93 kg) athlete, questioned the knockout power of Paulo Borrachinhaespecially in the Brazilian’s most recent performances.

“I know everyone is going to be annoyed with me when I say this, but Paulo (Borrachinha) has always been considered this crazy heavy-handed knockout artist, but he hasn’t knocked anyone out in a long time. Is he explosive and aggressive? Yes, and he absolutely has a high volume of hits, but who was the last person he actually deleted? I can’t even tell you off the top of my head. He was inside with Luke Rockholdhurt him a few times and wasn’t able to knock him out,” said Smith.

Although he has knocked out most of his opponents throughout his career, the last knockout achieved by Borrachinha occurred more than five years ago, in July 2018, against Uriah Hall. Since then, there have been two victories in the judges’ decision over the veterans Yoel Romero It is Luke Rockholdin addition to the defeats against Israel Adesanya It is Marvin Vettori.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he doesn’t have knockout power. I’m saying he doesn’t ‘erase’ people when they’re nervous about it. The victory over Johnny Hendricks was crushing, it was a technical knockout, but he doesn’t scare anyone anymore”, concluded the North American.

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