Vitor Pereira demands R$7.5 million from Corinthians in court


The coach Victor Pereira filed a labor action against the Corinthians and charges approximately R$7.5 million for allegedly not receiving FGTS, vacation and 13th salary funds during his period as a club employee.

The news was first published by GE and confirmed by ESPNwho had access to the process.

In the document, the Portuguese coach’s lawyers reveal that the contract between the parties established a monthly salary of R$2 million and also a minimum amount to be received until the end of the contract: 2.84 million euros.

According to the coach’s representatives, on March 2, 2023, after the VP’s departure, a charge was sent to Timão. 487.2 thousand euroswhich would be equivalent to the difference between what was paid by Corinthians during the employment contract and the minimum value established in the contract.

Pereira’s defense then states that the São Paulo club responded by saying it recognized only a debt of 44,700.42 euros – and, in fact, R$ 221.66 thousand were paid to the technician.

The disagreement caused the Portuguese to file a lawsuit with FIFA.

In football’s highest entity, VP achieved a partial victory – and appealed to the CAS (Corte Arbitral do Esporte) -, with Corinthians, in fact, being ordered to pay 487.2 thousand euros for the difference between what was paid and the minimum that was guaranteed.

The problem is that Vitor Pereira understands that he has more to receive. In the arguments of its representatives, Corinthians owed amounts relating to FGTS, vacations and 13th tax, all provided for under Brazilian legislation. These are the figures that the coach now charges, regardless of the action at FIFA.

For Corinthians, in the amounts that were actually paid to Vitor Pereira, around R$ 12.5 millionthe FGTS would already be included.

The coach now charges Timão the following amounts:

  • Difference between FGTS due during the contract and not deposited: R$ 1,689,455.80;

  • Proportional vacations with the constitutional third: R$ 2,222,230.00;

  • 13th proportional salary: R$ 1,666,672.50;

  • Fine provided for in §8 of article 477 of the CLT: R$ 2,000,007.00

  • TOTAL: R$ 7,578,365.30

And the value should increase even more, as there are still two more values ​​to calculate, according to what is stated in the action:

The case is taking place at the Regional Labor Court of the 2nd Region, in São Paulo.

Vitor Pereira worked in Brazil between 2022 and 2023, defending Corinthians and Flamengo. Since he left Rubro-Negro, in April last year, he has been without a club.

At the moment, Portuguese negotiates with Al Shabab, from Saudi Arabia.

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