Women’s Nations League finals have defined venue < In Attack

Women’s Nations League finals have defined venue < In Attack
Women’s Nations League finals have defined venue < In Attack
Huamark, in Bangkok, Thailand, will host the finals of the Women’s Volleyball Nations League
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The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has confirmed Bangkok, Thailand, as the venue for the Women’s Nations League finals. The decisive games will be between June 20th and 23rd, at the Hua Mak arena, with a capacity for 15 thousand spectators, in the Thai capital.

It will be Thailand’s first as host of the Women’s Nations League finals. Previously, the Asian country hosted the group stage of the tournament on three occasions, as well as the Grand Prix finals in 2016.

With this Friday’s announcement (2/2), Thailand became the fifth different country to host the Nations League finals – China (twice), Italy, Turkey and the United States have already had the opportunity.

Teams in the Nations League finals

Host country, Thailand is guaranteed a place in the Nations League finals. Below, see the other 15 competitors who will compete for the seven remaining places for Bangkok.

  1. Germany
  2. Brazil
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Canada
  5. China
  6. South Korea
  7. U.S
  8. France
  9. Netherlands
  10. Italy
  11. Japan
  12. Poland
  13. Dominican Republic
  14. Serbia
  15. Türkiye

Brazil in the Women’s Nations League

Brazil plays the first round at Maracanãzinho, in Rio de Janeiro. The next two stages for Zé Roberto Guimarães’ team will be in China and Hong Kong. See opponents, locations and dates.

1st week – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Brazil x Canada – 8/14 (Tuesday) – 9pm
  • Brazil x South Korea – 5/16 (Thursday) – 2pm
  • Brazil x United States – 5/17 (Friday) – 9pm
  • Brazil x Serbia – 19/5 (Sunday) – 10am

2nd week – Macau, China

  • Brazil x Japan – 28/5 (Tuesday) – 8:30 am
  • Brazil x Netherlands – 30/5 (Thursday) – 8:30 am
  • Brazil x Italy – 1/6 (Saturday) – 1h30
  • Brazil x Thailand – 2/6 (Sunday) – 5am

3rd week – Hong Kong, China

  • Brazil x Poland – 12/6 (Wednesday) – 9:30 am
  • Brazil x Germany – 13/6 (Thursday) – 6am
  • Brazil x Bulgaria – 14/6 (Friday) – 2:30 am
  • Brazil x Türkiye – 16/6 (Sunday) – 6am

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