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Photographer and cameraman Rafael Maduro, from the Ondas e Viagens channel, displays some of his immense talent in two videos produced in Pipeline, Hawaii.

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Rafael Maduro, 41 years old, was born in Santos and has lived in Ubatuba for 10 years. Surf photographer and film-maker, specializing in aquatic images and editing, he has been surfing for 30 years.

Maduro currently covers the winter season in Hawaii. He has been working in surfing for 20 years. In the beginning, he taught classes for beginners.

Graduated in physical education in 2006, he became a surf coach, filming athletes for analysis, when he awakened his passion for surf videos and photography, after taking a course with Sebastian Rojas, master of images.

Jamie O’Brien uses old boards during a session at Pipeline.

Thus, he specialized in aquatic images, which made it possible to travel to the best spots in the world and cover the world surfing circuit for TV channels such as ESPN Brasil and Canal Wohoo.

Today, he works as a surf guide, surf coach, photographer and filmmaker, on several boats around the world, traveling to more than forty countries.

In the player above, a record of free surfing in Pipeline, Hawaii, when the sea rose from 1 to 12 feet in a few hours.

And in the player below, Hawaiian local Jamie O’Brien shows off all his Pipeline talent with old surfboards.

Watch more videos by Rafael Maduro on the Ondas e Viagens channel.

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