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Simeone responds to what he ‘envy’ about Real and is honest about anti-Bellingham tactics

Simeone responds to what he ‘envy’ about Real and is honest about anti-Bellingham tactics
Simeone responds to what he ‘envy’ about Real and is honest about anti-Bellingham tactics

Real Madrid It is Madrid’s athletic will hold, next Sunday (4), at 5pm (Brasília time), the fourth classic of the season, with live broadcast on ESPN on Star+.

Throughout the 2023/24 season, the colchoneros have the advantage, with two wins against one. These two setbacks, in fact, were the only ones for the Merengues this year.

For Diego SimeoneIn fact, this fact draws attention to the organization and structure of his rival, something he does not hide a certain “envy” about.

“I wish we could only lose two games out of 45. Do you have the resources, do you have the tools? They have. They have a very strong president. Florentino manages and manages a club that is certainly one of the best in the world or the best in the world in an extraordinary way,” he said in an exclusive interview with ESPN.

“I admire him for the way he manages and continues to demand that the players at Real compete. [Sergio] Is Ramos leaving? So Ramos is going. Ronaldo leaves, Benzema leaves, Casillas leaves and the club continues. Why? Because they manage and deal with it in an exemplary way”, he added.

Having been in charge of Atlético for 12 years, the Argentine has faced different versions of Real. Little by little, the team has been renewing itself in recent years, another fact that generates admiration for the coach.

“As a team, since we started playing against them, it has always been difficult. Going back a little, we can talk about Ronaldo, Benzema, Ozil, Di María, Higuaín, Xabi Alonso. Now Vinicius, Bellingham also arrived very well. The arrival of young people like Bellingham, like Camavinga, like Tchouameni, like Brahim, like Fede Valverde…”, he stated.

“They are generating and building and they never stop thinking that they need to win. It’s not easy to win all the time. That’s what they do and what you have to face against an opponent like that,” he added.

‘Anti-Bellingham’ tactic and the only defeat in the classic

The only time Real Madrid emerged victorious in the classic in 2023/24 was in the semi-final of Spanish Super Cup. In the match, however, Atleti came to have an advantage on more than one occasion, which still generates some frustration for Simeone.

“I think we were better in the 90 minutes, and in one action they are capable of changing an entire match. And that makes us know that when we play against them, our concentration level has to be at 100% and that, when we achieve that, we know how to compete against them. And they know that we know how to compete with them. That’s what gives us strength,” he said.

But one factor that the colchonero coach celebrates is the way his team dealt with Jude Bellingham. But Cholo It’s honest: to stop English, the team relied on chance.

“We were lucky. He is an extraordinary player and lucky that, in the situations in which he touched the ball, he was not able to resolve it in the best way. But he has something that is very difficult to detect, which is the arrival of a midfielder who is an attacker in the second line. There is a moment when, if you look at the ball, you lose movement”, he analyzed.

“And if you look at the movement, you lose the ball, so it’s very difficult to defend those two circumstances. It is no coincidence that he appears and arrives very well on the second line. He is a player who will grow a lot. He is at a club where he has everything to obviously continue to improve and I like him a lot”, he concluded.

Where to watch Real Madrid vs Atlético de Madrid?

Real Madrid x Atlético de Madrid, by LALIGAwill have live broadcast on ESPN on Star+ this Sunday (4), at 5pm (Brasília time).

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