Felipe Jonatan reveals Santos’ search for renewal: “Let’s study and see what’s best” | saints

Felipe Jonatan reveals Santos’ search for renewal: “Let’s study and see what’s best” | saints
Felipe Jonatan reveals Santos’ search for renewal: “Let’s study and see what’s best” | saints

Left-back Felipe Jonatan was approached by Santos for a contract renewal. With a contract valid until February 2025, the 25-year-old player revealed that he has been in talks to extend his contract with Peixe.

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At the beginning of this year, Felipe Jonatan was in the sights of Fortaleza and Grêmio. However, as it was part of Fábio Carille’s plans, the club did not go ahead with negotiations. For the full-back, the focus now is on taking Santos back to the elite of Brazilian football.

– I have a contract until February of next year. Another year on the contract. I try to experience everyday life. Football, we can’t plan what will happen in the future. My total focus is on Santos. I made it clear to the business owners and Gallo. The club has been looking for me for a renewal. Let’s study with businesspeople to see what’s best. Proposals arrived from Fortaleza and Grêmio. It shows my appreciation. Two proposals arrived with me injured, without acting. It will be an important year for me. My mind is on taking Santos to Serie A. It will be an important year, but I can’t decipher what the future will be like.

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Felipe Jonatan also commented on the recovery period and the gain in confidence after undergoing surgery on his left knee, which sidelined him for the entire season.

– It was a very difficult time. All athletes who undergo this surgery have a question mark in our minds. I was in a good moment before the injury, confident, with positive results. It turns out that there is that distrust. After the surgery, the first month is complicated, we are on crutches, afraid of stepping on the ground. We are gaining confidence, but with fear. When we start to come to the field after three or months of surgery, we will be able to regain our strength, work with the ball, giving us confidence and evolving more and more.

Check out other excerpts from left-back Felipe Jonatan’s press conference:

– It is an injury that is serious, but common in sport. Mainly in football. If you look at Brazilian football squads, many athletes have this injury. An injury that we were unable to control. Even if you do everything right. it comes and happens. My return was very positive. It wasn’t that surprising because I already had one like that at the base in Ceará, but on the other knee and I also came back very well. I’m very professional. I tried to do everything right within the club. I worked on vacation from Monday to Friday. My return was very positive and I am happy with this start.

Ambition of Santos in season

– Santos’ shirt speaks for itself. Santos, when they enter the championships, have to enter to win. The story is winning. You have to have a calm head. Our first goal is to be humble, take it to the knockout stages and have a good championship. Our main focus is to return to Série A. But Paulistão is a very important competition, we will gain pace and grow. There are qualified teams.

1 of 1 Felipe Jonatan during a press conference at CT Rei Pelé, in Santos — Photo: Bruno Gutierrez
Felipe Jonatan during a press conference at CT Rei Pelé, in Santos — Photo: Bruno Gutierrez

– It’s a role that I was already performing with Carille here, an internal full-back. I try to evolve and do what the teacher asks me to do. I’m feeling very good, these are movements that I try to fill the middle more. He wants a bigger number in the middle. We got exactly what he asked for. Football has changed. The full-backs are building more play these days.

– It’s a very healthy dispute. This year, of my six seasons that I’ve been here, he’s one of the best midfielders I’ve ever worked with. Santos only has to win. I am open to acting on whatever assumptions Carille wishes. I just want to be on the field helping, get a big score in the first phase and then in the knockouts.

– The locker room is light. We play more, we talk more. Sometimes asking how someone is doing makes a difference. I didn’t participate as much last year due to the injury, but I could already see the atmosphere being a little heavy, everyone went to their own room. Today people are more receptive, we have athletes who have been champions wherever they have been. It’s going to be a very important year. Santos fans can expect a very positive team, the fans have to buy into this idea too.

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