R$ 18 million scam in Dudu, from Palmeiras, becomes a police case

R$ 18 million scam in Dudu, from Palmeiras, becomes a police case
R$ 18 million scam in Dudu, from Palmeiras, becomes a police case

A loss of almost R$ 18 million in the attacker’s accounts Duduof Palm trees, is being investigated by the São Paulo Civil Police. One of the suspects in the case is Thiago Dondawho is the player’s former advisor and best man at his wedding.

The information was first published by Globe and confirmed by ESPN.

The police report was registered at the 15th Police District of São Paulo, in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood. The complaint requests an investigation into money movements carried out in the athlete’s accounts without his consent.

The attacker’s defense points out the following as possible fraud:

  • Forged signatures;

  • Clearing checks with false signatures;

  • Transfers and payments of amounts to third party accounts using internal forms with false signatures;

  • Debits to bank accounts for products offered by the banking entity without contracting or knowing the victims;

  • Loan operations through product offerings;

  • Sale of capitalization bonds without authorization;

  • Transfers of values ​​to third party accounts with authorizations completed by the manager without the account holder’s consent and transfers of vehicles without consent;

  • Write-offs of financial applications and redemptions of financial assets without the victim’s knowledge;

  • Use of unauthorized PIX and TED;

According to the indictment, in addition to Donda, employees and managers of a bank in which Dudu has personal and legal accounts, as well as employees of the 19th Civil Registry Office of São Paulo, were involved in the scheme.

People with knowledge of the case who were heard by the ESPNin fact, point out that, without help from bank employees and the notary’s office, most of the deviations could not have happened, as they required signatures and additional data.

The police, in turn, work to investigate crimes such as embezzlement, ideological falsehood, falsification of public documents and criminal association.

The loss suffered by Dudu is still being calculated, as the case remains under investigation. However, the value gathered so far is close to the R$ 18 millionof which:

  • About R$ 14 million in transfers made to Thiago Donda and his company, BWF;

  • About R$ 2.1 million in Interest, charges and fines for late taxes;

  • About R$ 1.45 million on bank credit notes with a false signature;

  • R$562 thousand in vehicle transfers with a false signature;

Of the almost R$ 14 million mentioned above, the bulk would have been used to open the aesthetic clinic Nidoin the neighborhood of Perdizes, in the West Zone of São Paulo.

The Palmeiras striker’s defense points out that the period of greatest financial movement in the accounts was between 2019 and 2021, precisely the year in which the space was opened.

Dudu and Thiago Donda have known each other since number 7 was still playing for cruisein 2010.

The friendship became greater in 2015, when the athlete transferred to Palmeiras, with Donda becoming his right-hand man and helping with the player’s daily demands.

Over time, Thiago became a very close friend of Dudu, as shown in several photos (now deleted) on their social networks.

Donda, in fact, is the best man at the player’s wedding.

How the case was discovered

The case began in August 2023, when Dudu held a meeting with the accountant responsible for Dudu Sete Sports Image Agencya company in which the athlete receives image rights paid by Palmeiras.

At the meeting, the player was informed that the company’s taxes had not been paid since 2018, which raised suspicions.

According to people interviewed by ESPN, Dudu opened a legal account to receive the image rights, and the order to his bank manager was that the amount of taxes be withheld, with Thiago then being responsible for organizing the situation with the accountant and then with the manager. Afterwards, the remaining balance should be deposited into the athlete’s personal account.

However, the accusation points out that the tax money was diverted to Donda’s accounts, which would still hold capitalization bonds without the player’s knowledge. In this way, the goals of the bank managers allegedly involved in the case would also be achieved.

Over time, other practices, such as false signatures, vehicle transfers and loan operations were also carried out, until reaching the current loss.

The complaint also points out that other accounts were opened in the athlete’s name without his knowledge, in order to carry out more transactions and “camouflage” the deviations.

Positioning of those involved

Check out the positions of those involved in the case below.

  • Thiago Donda: Informed the Globe that he will not comment, as he is gathering information to provide clarifications to the authorities;

  • Bank: Informed the Globe which “is responding to all police requests and dealing with the matter directly with the client and their representative.” A ESPNsources stated that the managers involved in the case they were fired.

  • Registry: Informed the Globe that “in accordance with our legal guidance, we cannot comment on any ongoing procedures. We reiterate our commitment and collaboration with public authorities in the investigation of any cases involving extrajudicial service”

  • Dudu’s consultancy: informed the ESPN that the case is being handled by the athlete’s legal team, led by Adriana Cury and Cid Vieira. Lawyers have already taken the appropriate measures with the authorities and trust in the work of Justice.”

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