Soteldo suffers ‘drama’ and the situation immediately reaches Santos

Soteldo suffers ‘drama’ and the situation immediately reaches Santos
Soteldo suffers ‘drama’ and the situation immediately reaches Santos

Bad news came from the South:

O Santos is going through a very good moment in the season, winning 3 of the first 4 games and demonstrating that it can have a much calmer year than many imagined, especially because it still has to improve.

© Volmer Perez/AGIFSantos found out about Soteldo’s situation – Photo: Volmer Perez/AGIF.

In the last match, for example, they beat Água Santa, away from home, 1-0, with a goal scored by Joaquim in the final stretch of the second half. Even starting below expectations, Carille’s team added 3 more points.

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All of this is only possible due to the quality of the reinforcements that arrivedwho are getting the job done, especially from the midfield behind, like Gil and João Schmidt, for example, who are highly praised.

An ‘extra-Santos’ issue generated repercussions: Grêmio was heading towards a quiet victory over Juventude, but saw attacking midfielder Soteldo feel a muscle problem in the second half, asking for a substitution.

It will stay away from the lawns:

The scene was dramatic because, as he stretched to cut a pass in the defensive field, as soon as he touched the ball on the sideline, he immediately jumped off the field and asked for a change.placing the hand on the adductor region of the left thigh.

The number 7’s reaction brought immediate concern, precisely because it is a muscle where recovery is not the fastest. Even after leaving the field, the foreigner was taken to the locker room on a stretcher.

Is Soteldo missed by Santos?

Is Soteldo missed by Santos?


Until now, Soteldo played in the first two rounds as a starter and had been preserved in the victory over Brazil, in Pelotas, entering the final stage. He started the game again in the victory over Juventude, at the Arena, this Wednesday (31).

According to journalist Diogo Rossi, “Soteldo has an injury to his adductor,” says Grêmio’s doctor, Paulo Rabaldo. Exams will provide a timely diagnosis”published information about the real situation on social media.

He still has a contract with São Paulo:

It’s important make sure that the Venezuelan is still linked to Peixe, which is why he is constantly followed by fans and everything else. At the moment, he is only on loan to the Gauchos.

Since he was traded and became an option in the squad led by Renato Portaluppi, Yeferson played 4 games, with 1 goal scored and 1 assist, that is, he started on the right foot, cheering up the fans there.

Now it remains to be seen how long he will be out of action, something that has not yet been defined by the medical team. There are cases of athletes being out of action for 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the severity of the injury at the site.

Anyway, the Venezuelan’s situation continues to be monitored in Vila Belmiroespecially because for there to be a good purchase proposal, it is necessary to be playing at a high level, increasing visibility.

Fans there spoke out:

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