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Dudu denounces R$18 million scam; police investigate former right-hand man of Palmeiras player | palm trees

Dudu denounces R$18 million scam; police investigate former right-hand man of Palmeiras player | palm trees
Dudu denounces R$18 million scam; police investigate former right-hand man of Palmeiras player | palm trees

The 15th Police District of São Paulo is investigating an already estimated loss of R$18 million in the accounts of Dudu, from Palmeiras. The accusation points to the possible involvement of employees of a bank, a notary’s office in São Paulo and the attacker’s former advisor and best man at his wedding, Thiago Donda.

Investigation finds Dudu’s loss estimated at R$ 18 million

Dudu’s lawyers registered a police report and asked for an investigation to be opened to investigate the facts that may involve Thiago Donda, the number 7’s former right-hand man.

1 of 4 Dudu and Thiago Donda after the striker’s renewal with Palmeiras, in 2022 — Photo: Personal Archive
Dudu and Thiago Donda after the striker’s renewal with Palmeiras, in 2022 — Photo: Personal Archive

According to the complaint, the amount was transferred without the player’s consent over the last few years, based on transactions with false signatures on the account in which he received Verdão’s image rights. This slice can correspond to up to 40% of an athlete’s salary in Brazil.

Thiago was Dudu’s advisor and over time he began to have access to the attacker’s finances and operate the accounts, without his consent, but authorized by bank employees.

Dudu’s lawyers understand that there was a series of frauds:

  1. Transfers and payments of amounts to third party accounts using internal forms with false signatures;
  2. Clearing checks with false signatures;
  3. Debits to bank accounts for products offered by the banking entity without contracting or knowing the victims;
  4. Loan operations through product offerings;
  5. Sale of Capitalization Bonds without the victim’s authorization;
  6. Transfers of values ​​to third party accounts with authorizations completed by the manager without the account holder’s consent and transfers of vehicles without consent;
  7. Signature forgery;
  8. Write-offs of financial applications and redemptions of financial assets without the victim’s knowledge;
  9. Use of unauthorized PIX and TED.

Even though Thiago Donda is cited as possibly responsible, the prosecution understands that the former advisor did not act alone and had the consent of employees at Bradesco and also at the 19th Civil Registry Office of São Paulo, where the false signatures were recognized.

The Police are awaiting receipt of documents from the bank to advance the investigation and make calls for clarification of those possibly involved.

Crimes of embezzlement, falsification of public documents, ideological falsehood and criminal association are being assessed.

2 of 4 Dudu when he left Palmeiras to close with Al Duhail, from Qatar; Thiago Donda was together — Photo: Disclosure
Dudu when he left Palmeiras to close with Al Duhail, from Qatar; Thiago Donda was together — Photo: Disclosure

Dudu discovered in August 2023, after a meeting with his accountant, that “Dudu Sete Agenciamento de Imagens Esportivas”, the company in which he receives image rights, had not paid taxes since 2018.

There was even an agreement with the government to pay off the debt, in addition to executions filed since 2022, all without the knowledge of shirt 7.

The Palmeiras striker’s lawyers understand that Thiago Donda could be using the amount that should be used to pay the taxes of the player’s public company.

The accountant said that he had not reported anything to Dudu until then on Thiago Donda’s orders and that he even recommended that the player’s then right-hand man contact a law firm he trusts to regularize the situation.

Dudu questioned the information, because in the account in which he received Palmeiras’ image rights, amounts were already reserved for paying taxes and only then would the net amount go to the attacker’s personal account.

The contract with the accountant was terminated because Dudu had not been informed of this problem over the years. The player sought out a lawyer to ask for proof of tax payment at the bank.

Dudu received confirmation that taxes were not being paid, in addition to there having been subsequent transfers to Thiago Donda with chips that should have been authorized by the player. He claims he was not aware of any of them.

Expert evaluated documents and checks

After contracted expertise, it was found that Dudu’s signatures used on checks and internal bank forms were fake.

The preliminary calculation presented by the athlete’s lawyers indicates that more than R$14 million were transferred in this way to Thiago and his company, BWF consultancy and agency.

The graphotechnical report evaluated the following documents which found to have false signatures:

  • A power of attorney that Dudu’s company gave to a law firm to deal with the tax debt on the athlete’s legal entity account;
  • Transfers of two vehicles;
  • Nine checks used in 2023, with amounts between R$27 thousand and R$1 million;
  • Internal documents for account transactions at Bradesco, including Bank Credit Certificate.

The expert declared that all signatures “were made by one and the same writing hand”. The attacker says that he did not know about the existence of the power of attorney, nor about the vehicle transfers, nor about the bank documents and had not asked for the checks.

While the transactions that Dudu does not recognize were taking place, the bank debited amounts relating to capitalization bonds, consortiums and other products that the player had not contracted for.

Early redemptions were authorized, and it is understood by the prosecution to favor Thiago, BWF, the then account manager and the bank consequently.

Friendship relationship lasting more than ten years

Dudu met Thiago Donda, then part of an athlete agency company, when he was still at Cruzeiro, in 2010, but the relationship became closer after his arrival at Palmeiras, in 2015.

In Verdão’s first year, he provided day-to-day services for the number 7, and the contact grew over time.

They became friends, Thiago became an advisor and trusted man of Palmeiras, to the point of spending time with the athlete’s family on a daily basis and on trips. He is the best man at the player’s wedding.

3 of 4 Thiago Donda was best man at the wedding of Dudu, Palmeiras striker — Photo: Personal Archive
Thiago Donda was best man at Palmeiras striker Dudu’s wedding — Photo: Personal Archive

In Dudu’s last renewal with Verdão, the former advisor was at the Football Academy with the athlete to sign the new contract.

In the request to open an investigation, the prosecution says it has evidence that Donda opened the Nido Clínica de Estética Avançada e Medicina Esportiva in 2021 with amounts withdrawn from the Palmeiras player’s accounts without his consent.

4 of 4 Dudu, from Palmeiras, and Thiago Donda — Photo: Personal Archive
Dudu, from Palmeiras, and Thiago Donda — Photo: Personal Archive

After having a meeting with the accountant in which he discovered the problem regarding tax debts, Dudu questioned Thiago in an exchange of messages via WhatsApp and received the answer that the businessman would pay the debt:

– Hold this, please. I’m asking as a brother, from my heart. I’M SORRY. If I say anything to anyone then it’s over for me. I can’t do anything else or pay.

In the days following this conversation, Dudu had access to bank statements that showed consecutive bank transactions and, consequently, a millionaire embezzlement.

After that, Thiago Donda and Dudu cut ties, they no longer follow each other on social media, nor do they have any more photos published together.

How much is the debt so far?

Dudu and his team hired an auditing company to determine the total value of the embezzlement. The calculation is not finalized, but it already amounts to a partial amount of R$18 million:

  • Transfers to Thiago and BWF with false signatures: R$14 million;
  • Interest, charges and fines for late taxes: R$2.1 million;
  • Bank credit notes with false signature: R$1.45 million;
  • Transfers of vehicles with false signatures: R$562 thousand;
  • Partial loss: R$18 million.

What those involved say

Thiago Donda was approached by ge and declared that he will not comment at the moment, as he is gathering information to provide the necessary clarifications to the competent authorities.

Bradesco announced that “it is responding to all police requests and dealing with the matter directly with the customer and their representative”.

The registry office responded: “in accordance with our legal guidance, we cannot comment on any ongoing procedures. We reiterate our commitment and collaboration with public authorities in the investigation of any cases involving extrajudicial service.”

And Dudu’s press office, contacted, reported that “the case is being handled by the athlete’s legal team, led by Adriana Cury and Cid Vieira. The lawyers have already taken the appropriate measures with the authorities and trust in the work of Justice.”

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