Red Bull Bragantino scores 0 x 1 Palmeiras

Red Bull Bragantino scores 0 x 1 Palmeiras
Red Bull Bragantino scores 0 x 1 Palmeiras

Marcelo Lomba: 7.0
Even with the wet lawn, it was safe whenever required.

Garcia: 7.5
Discreet game, but the cross for López’s goal was perfect.

Ships: 7.0
The goal play began.

Luan: 8.5
The best of Palmeiras in Bragança. Blocked two dangerous shots. He was the leader of the kids on the field.

Vanderlan: 6.5
It was better in the first half.

Aníbal Moreno: 7.5
He once again left a great impression with precise attacks and tackles.

Fabinho: 7.0
At a lower intensity than Aníbal, but he also did well in marking.

Richard Ríos: 6.0
He entered the second half and was unable to maintain the same pace, but RBB was already tired.

Jhon Jhon: 6.5
He had a very good first 15 minutes, with first-class touches and throws, but then he disappeared.

Murilo: –
Came in with 10 minutes to go.

Luis Guilherme: 5.0
He stumbled alone, got a puncture, lost control of the ball while running… Bad performance from Cria.

Stephen: 6.0
He didn’t show the ball he has, but he came in with personality.

Breno Lopes: 5.5
He made the wrong choices in practically every move he participated in.

López: 8.5
He entered at the end and saved it. He deserves to be a starter on Sunday.

Caio Paulista: 5.5
A beautiful finish and that’s it.

Gabriel Menino: 6.0
He helped close the house in the final minutes.

Abel Ferreira: 7.5
He put together a team that was practically all reserve and at certain times saw Palmeiras be better than Red Bull Bragantino. Good work from Portuguese and the committee.


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