John John Florence is favorite in Pipeline according to bookmakers

John John Florence is favorite in Pipeline according to bookmakers
John John Florence is favorite in Pipeline according to bookmakers

The company also calculated the chances of ex-couple Gabriel Medina and Yasmin Brunet securing the WSL and BBB titles this year, respectively.

The 2024 World Surfing Tour (WSL) started this week with the Pipeline stage, in Hawaii (USA). In total, 10 Brazilian surfers participate in the stage on the legendary North American island – there are 8 in the men’s heat and 2 in the women’s heat, which makes Brazil the main representative country in the competition.

However, according to analysis of the Betfair, the title of the first stage of the 2024 World Surfing Tour must remain in Hawaii. According to the bookmaker’s odds survey, John John Florenceborn in Honolulu (Hawaii), is the favorite candidate to win the Pipeline Pro with an 18% chance.

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John John Florence is the favorite in the Pipeline stage

Two-time world champion, John John Florence has already won the same stage of the circuit in 2021. Check out this year’s list of favorites below:

1st – John John Florence (USA) with 18% chance (odds of 4.0)
2nd – Jack Robinson (AUS) with 12% (odds of 6.0)
3rd – Gabriel Medina (BRA) with 12% (odd of 6.0)
4th – Griffin Colapinto (USA) with 8% (odds of 8.5)
5th – Kanoa Igarashi (JAP) with 6% (odds of 12.0)
6th – Italo Ferreira (BRA) with 5% (odd of 15.0)
7th – Ethan Wing (AUS) with 3% (23.0 odds)
8th – Yago Dora (BRA) with 2.7% (odd of 26.0)

In the feminine, the also Hawaiian Carissa Moore emerges in favoritism
Carissa Moore will be competing at home and has already won the same Pipeline stage in 2023. For this reason, the Hawaiian surfer appears with a 19% chance of winning. The Brazilian with the greatest probability of winning is Tatiana Weston-Webb which appears at 5%. Already Luana Silva appears at just 1.4%.

1st – Carissa Moore (USA) with 19% chance (odds of 3.75)
2nd – Moana Jones Mong (USA) with 14% (odds of 5.0)
3rd – Tyler Wright (AUS) with 12% (odds of 6.0)
4th – Molly Picklum (AUS) with 7% (odds of 11.0)
5th – Lakey Peterson (USA) with 6% (odds of 12.0)
6th – Caroline Marks (USA) with 6% (odds of 12.0)
7th – Tatiana Weston-Webb (BRA) with 5% (odds of 15.0)
8th – Caitlin Simmers (USA) with 5% (odds of 15.0)
17th – Luana Silva (BRA) with 1.4% (odd of 51.0)

Will Filipe Toledo achieve his third title in 2024?

After winning his second world title last year, Filipe Toledo will do everything he can to stay at the top of the surfing elite in 2024. And for the betting market, he is the big favorite to be champion once again, which would make him reach the same level as Gabriel Medina, three-time world champion. Check out the top 5 favorites for the WSL 2024 title:

1st – Filipe Toledo (BRA) with 18% chance of title (odds of 4.5)
2nd – Gabriel Medina (BRA) with 16% (odds of 5.0)
3rd – Jack Robinson (AUS) with 13% (odds of 6.0)
4th – John John Florence (USA) with 12% (odd of 7.0)
5th – Ethan Wing (AUS) with 12% (7.0 odds)

Lucky in gambling, unlucky in love? Medina and Yasmin Brunet could be champions together in 2024

While Gabriel Medina is looking for his fourth title on the WSL World Surfing Tour, model Yasmin Brunet is trying to win the 2024 edition of Big Brother Brasil. And according to Betfair, there is a possibility that the two will be champions together throughout the year. According to the probability analysis, the chance of Medina being WSL champion at the same time that Yasmin wins the BBB is 1.8%.

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