Ex-United says what club should do with Rashford after party and fine


This Thursday (1st), the Manchester United visit the Wolverhamptonat 5:15 pm (Brasília time), on Premier Leaguewith transmission via ESPN at the Star+.

For the match, the Red Devils they count on the attacker again Marcus Rashfordwhich was related by the technician Erik ten Hag after turbulent days behind the scenes at the club.

Last week, the number 10 “caused” to be spotted at a club in Belfast, Northern Ireland, hours before having to attend “Red Devils” training in Manchester.

The athlete ended up not showing up for work and claimed to be “sick”. However, the version didn’t work…

After a meeting last Monday (29) between Rashford and Ten Hag, the attacker was fined by the board, and with the approval of the coach.

“In football, you need discipline. This applies both on and off the field,” said the Dutchman.

“There is a line that cannot be crossed, and every player, every sports professional knows that. They know what the demands are. We have to focus on winning games, that’s all that matters. And every professional top know what that means,” he added.

For the former striker Dimitar Berbatovwho served for four years for Red Devils and was multi-champion for the team, the situation is “strange”.

In an interview with site betting Betfairthe Bulgarian stated that United have to find the “root” of Rashford’s recent behavior, as the athlete has never had a history of indiscipline.

In Berbatov’s opinion, the Manchester team has to “get to the bottom” of the causes of the problem. Otherwise, things will keep repeating themselves.

“The question that has to be asked is: Why is he acting this way? That’s the main question. What are the reasons for this recent behavior? And if someone knows the answer to it, how do you fix things?” , pointed.

“Obviously, I will never stop saying that Rashford has enormous talent. However, if he doesn’t correct his behavior, things won’t move in the right direction,” he continued.

“When someone is not known in football for disciplinary problems and suddenly starts acting in this strange, almost unprofessional way, it is always surprising,” he argued.

“You see a player do that and it’s completely out of character for him. So what’s the reason for the change? There has to be a reason. And if United don’t find the answer to that, the behavioral problems will continue,” highlighted.

Berbatov also claimed that Rashford may be “wanting to say something” with his recent behavioral problems.

“If United can find an answer to the recent problems and help him, things should return to normal. This way, he will be able to resume his best football and remain focused and concentrated”, he pointed out.

“People may even be surprised (by the player’s recent attitudes), but, based on what I’ve seen in football, you can clearly see that there is something wanting to be said there. He’s not playing well, he was late for training. .. So, something is happening. If United don’t fix this, I think his behavior will continue the same”, he concluded.

Where to watch Wolverhampton vs Manchester United?

Wolverhampton x Manchester Unitedthis Thursday (1st), at 5:15 pm (Brasília time), on Premier Leaguehe has live broadcast via ESPN at the Star+.

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