Daniel Cormier suggests McGregor vs. Diaz 3 as UFC 300 main event


The long-awaited historic edition of UFC 300 is approaching, and fans around the world are anxiously awaiting the reveal of the main event fight, the icing on the cake. While president Dana White maintains the mystery, former fighter and current commentator Daniel Cormier gave his opinion.

O former double UFC champion It is Olympic wrestling athlete expressed his preference for a trilogy between two fighters that MMA fans know well: Conor McGregor It is Nate Diaz. Without a doubt, it would be a fight with media appeal, as well as any fight named after the Irishman. However, is it really a good idea?

Cormier, on the DC & RC podcast, highlighted that the possible third fight between McGregor and Diaz could attract the attention of fans of all types, surpassing other options considered by the UFC. Even recognizing that both fighters are not in their best shapeCormier emphasized the unique appeal of this rivalry, recalling the resounding success of the two previous fights between them.

“I believe that the third meeting between McGregor and Diaz can attract fans more than anything else the UFC can offer right now. Because of all the intrigue, how the first fight and the second fight unfolded. They are still two of the biggest pay-per-views in UFC history. When you put these two guys together, you make a lot of money. Of course Nate Diaz is no longer the guy he was before, but neither is Conor McGregor,” said Cormier.

Chandler would be passed over

As McGregor recovers from a leg injury suffered in 2021, potential opponent Michael Chandler is also on the radar. However, Cormier questions Chandler’s choice, suggesting that he was opting for name It is money instead of competitionby facing McGregor instead of focusing on chasing the lightweight title.

“I think Michael Chandler is taking a step back to face Conor McGregor. He’s leaving the division’s elite and moving back to face Conor. He’s choosing name and money over competition. Michael Chandler still has plans to become champion and, competitively, he is going backwards. When you look at who Dustin Poirier and Charles from the Bronx are facing. There’s still Rafael Fiziev left. If you face and beat Fiziev, you’re back in the title conversation. No fight can take him straight to the belt now, but there are fights that can bring him closer”, he argued.

Diaz and McGregor: open future

In the current scenario, the UFC 300 card has divided opinions, but there is a consensus among fans that the centennial event needs a standout fight. Cormier argues that the big fight that remains must have a history and rivalry to attract a wider audiencegoing beyond the “hardcore fans”.

It is worth noting that, despite Nate Diaz’s desire to return to his old home, he is not officially on the UFC roster yet. The score between them has been tied at 1-1 since their clashes in 2016. Therefore, if carried out, this fight would be the stubbornness from both. However, until then, all this is nothing more than speculation.

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