Behind the scenes at Corinthians: ex-Flamengo active, ‘alerts’ and focus on the market

Behind the scenes at Corinthians: ex-Flamengo active, ‘alerts’ and focus on the market
Behind the scenes at Corinthians: ex-Flamengo active, ‘alerts’ and focus on the market

From the promise of “end of the spree” The defeat to São Paulowhich put an end to the taboo of almost a decade against the rival within the Neo Química Arena, the Corinthians will end a long month of January on the brink of a new crisis. Still looking for a direction amid the profound reformulation of the squad promoted by the board led by Augusto Melo, the club is now working to shorten the distance between expectation and reality for 2024.

According to the ESPN with people with traffic behind the scenes of the club, the hiring of Fabinho Soldado for the position of football executive, although late, it had an immediate impact behind the scenes at CT Dr. Joaquim Grava, who experienced days of internal noise and adaptation to changes in style and professionals after the departure of Duílio Monteiro Alves.

Manager since 2021 at Flamengothe new cog in the black and white gear assumed the position of market professional sought by the new president to establish processes within the department.

Among the “headaches” that, according to ESPNwould not happen with a professional executive in the area at the head of Corinthians football are the cases of the full-back Matheuzinhowho participated in training open to fans while the club was still negotiating its loan with Flamengo, the defender’s registration Lucas Veríssimo at the Paulistão without the definitive purchase contract with the Benfica was signed and the soap operas due to the arrival of the defender Felix Torres and the middle Rodrigo Garro.

He also contributed to “shielding” the professional training center. According to the report, there was discomfort at the beginning of the season with people “outside of football” who started to frequent the club’s backstage, something that was not well received by the cast and coaching staff.

In addition to paying attention to the environment and the department’s processes and procedures, Fabinho Soldado also began to work directly in negotiations for reinforcements, something seen as a top priority so that tranquility can return to the CT black and white.

The only additions to the squad that are available to the coaching staff are Félix Torres, Hugo It is Raniele. The Ecuadorian Diego Palácioswho debuted in the duel against St Bernardsuffered an injury to the hamstring tendon of his right thigh and is only expected to return to the group at the beginning of March.

The club also announced the signings of Gustavo Henrique It is Rodrigo Garro, but who have not yet worn the black and white shirt. The defender improves his physical shape, while the midfielder awaits regularization with the CBF so he can be released to debut.

Corinthians is still racing to agree on the signings of other athletes: Matheuzinhonow definitively, and the center forward Pedro Raul.

Even though these names are not on the same level as those previously speculated as Gabigol, Soteldo It is Luiz Henriquethe understanding is that the urgency is for a fuller casteven without big stars.

It is a change of stance that also has to do with warnings made internally by both Mano and Fabinho to Augusto Melo. The two understand that it is necessary for the route to be publicly adjusted with the fans, so that the expectation of a star-studded team, fighting for titles, does not result in frustration and more pressure on a squad undergoing reformulation.

Mano himself touched on this point again in his post-classic interview. “The prospects were great, we dreamed big. I see every day that the people who took over Corinthians continue to dream, but the realization of things is within the reality that the club is going through”, he said.

The delay in reassembling the squad was a point of initial disagreement between what the technical committee planned and what was proposed by the new board. Even knowing that many names would leave Corinthians after the Brazilian championship 2023, coach Mano Menezes’ idea was to count on some experienced athletes to withstand the pressure of a profound reformulation.

Such as ESPN I also learned in December that the coach’s wish was that the midfielder Giuliano remain in the group in 2024 to be that pillar for young people and new reinforcements.

With no proposals to renew with Corinthians, the 33-year-old player agreed with Santos and it adds up two goals this season, the same number of balls in the net recorded by the Parque São Jorge team.

According to the ESPNthe understanding behind the scenes at the club is that the distance between the planning drawn up by the technical committee to search for reinforcements and those idealized by the football board is “aligned” after frustrated attempts by big names like Gabigol and Luiz Henrique, who took department time and energy.

Still without many reinforcements, the technical committee had to resort to the youth category to complete the squad in the first rounds of Paulistão, as the goalkeeper Matthew Rogerthe defender Rafael Venânciothe right-back Guilherme Pellegrin and the steering wheel Yagoall from the under-17 category.

“Mathematics doesn’t lie,” said coach Mano Menezes at a press conference after the 2-1 defeat against São Paulo. “But I have been following everyone’s work, we have Fabinho (Soldado) working 24 hours a day to resolve these issues. We are on track to make some additions.”

And Mano?

Ahead of two important cast changes in Corinthians’ recent history, in 2008 It is 2014Mano Menezes understands that the initial turbulence of this season was as expected, mainly due to the arrival of so many new professionals in the club’s daily life.

According to the ESPNThe Coach does not consider handing over the position amid the pressure for results, and understands that he can repeat in his third spell at Timão similar work to the recent reformulation carried out at InternationalBrazilian runner-up in 2022.

This understanding even passes through the CT Joaquim Grava environment. Even though it wasn’t Augusto Melo’s so-called “plan A” to lead Corinthians, the coach has built a close and trusting relationship with the club’s new president.

The coach has a contract with Corinthians until December 2025with a full salary fine in 2024 in case of unilateral termination by the end of the year.

This amount drops to three salaries from January 2025.

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