19-year-old dies after encounter with Corinthians under-20 player; police investigate


Lívia Gabriele suffered bleeding and cardiac arrest; Dimas Cândido’s defense claims that the athlete provided assistance and that he did not commit any illegal act

Dimas Cândido de Oliveira Filho is a Corinthians under-20 player

The São Paulo Civil Police are investigating the death of Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos19 years old, after meeting with player Dimas Cândido de Oliveira Filhofrom the under-20s of Corinthiansin his apartment, in Tatuapé, east side of São Paulo, on the night of Tuesday, 30th. The young woman was taken to the hospital, but suffered cardiac arrest and did not survive. According to the athlete, they had sex and she started to experience heavy bleeding in the genital region. That would have been the first meeting between them, as they met through social media and started talking. The incident was registered in the 30th Police District as a “suspicious death”. “Military police officers were called to attend the Tatuapé Municipal Hospital after the young woman’s death. It was reported that she was at the house of an 18-year-old young man (the player) when, at one point, she felt ill and passed out”, informs, in a note, the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP). According to the bulletin, Dimas said that the young woman began to feel ill during sexual intercourse, experiencing bleeding from her vagina and passed out. He called the Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service) and received instructions on what he should do until the ambulance arrived at the scene. 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital, Livia was pronounced dead, having lost a lot of blood due to the fissure in her genital area, a cut measuring approximately five centimeters. In the player’s apartment, blood was found on the floor, towels and sheets stained with blood. The site was preserved for forensic examination.

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To the police, the young woman’s father, military police officer Rubens Chagas Matos, told the police that his daughter, who was a nursing student and lived with her family, had informed her at around 5:30 pm that she was going to meet a friend at a restaurant to watch the football game. Corinthians and São Paulo, valid for the fourth round of the Campeonato Paulista. Her parents received a call from her cell phone at around 7:40 pm from a person who said she was a Samu nurse, where they were informed that Lívia was being taken to the Tatuapé Municipal Hospital. According to the young woman’s father, she did not use any type of narcotic substance nor was she in the habit of drinking alcohol. Matos met Dimas at the hospital and said he did not express any concerns and intended to travel to Minas Gerais the same day. The young woman’s body was sent to the IML for necroscopic, toxicological and sexological examinations. An examination of Dimas’ apartment was requested to investigate what happened.

Dimas’ defense, lawyer Tiago Lenoir, states that he did not commit any illegal act, which will be demonstrated by the expert reports. “He met the girl on Instagram, he had been talking to her, and they arranged to meet at the end of the day at his apartment. It was the first time they met in person. There they had consensual sexual relations using a condom. After the act, he realized that she had blacked out, fainting.” Lenoir also claims that his client did not do anything that could have caused the injury, that is, it was not an injury caused by him. “We will await the results of the forensic examination, especially the necroscopic examination, which should be ready within 30 days,” he said.

In a statement, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista informed that it is aware of the events involving one of its grassroots athletes, is awaiting the investigation of the facts and is available to collaborate with the authorities and families. Dimas Cândido plays as a midfielder and has been part of the Corinthians under-20 squad since April 2023. He was born in João Pessoa, Paraíba, and was transferred to the São Paulo team by Coimbra, from Minas Gerais. The athlete arrived at Corinthians in April 2023 and played 12 games. His contract with the São Paulo club runs until January 2025.

*With information from Agência Estado

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