League of Legends 2024 season brings map changes, new Baron look and more

League of Legends 2024 season brings map changes, new Baron look and more
League of Legends 2024 season brings map changes, new Baron look and more

Lucas GerardiNov 20, 2023, 1:01 pmReading: 8 min.

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Allied with the arrival of Hwei as the new champion of League of Legendsthe changes that accompany the 2024 season from the MOBA Riot Games were announced this Monday (20). Bringing a new look for Baron Nashor, changes to the Summoner’s Rift map, new monsters and changes to items, see everything new for next year and available on the PBE starting today!

During a conversation with the developers behind the changes coming with Season 2024, three pillars were considered fundamental to the new season. The first is to create new content for players of all levels to master, the second is to make players notice changes from the first match and exceed their expectations for the start of the season.

Thus, Riot Games made some changes to the League of Legends map, bringing changes to the map, a new and scarier look for Baron Nashor, changes to mythical items and Void monsters – which, in fact, is the theme of the next season .

Summoner’s Rift map changes

With several League of Legends map changes coming to the game over the months, the 2024 Season will also bring some changes. According to the game’s developers, the idea behind the changes was to bring different combat interactions that were visible from the first game played in the new season.

Additionally, Riot Games also brought more resources to the top lane, made changes to the mid lane to help immobile mages, and, Mainly, it aims to reduce the difference between the sides of the map.

See the changes:

View of bot lane changesDisclosure/Riot Games
View of river changes from the lower routeDisclosure/Riot Games
View of changes to the mid laneDisclosure/Riot Games
View of river changes from the upper routeDisclosure/Riot Games
View of top lane changesDisclosure/Riot Games

New monsters on the map

Accompanying the changes to the map, new monsters will also be added to League of Legends. Called Vastilarvas (and Vastisitas)the monsters that occupy the Baron’s space arrive to be a new early game objective before the first Vale Herald.

The new objective is divided into three “Voidgrubs”, each of which guarantees a stack of a buff that will help your team take the towers more smoothly by giving additional damage to structures over time. In addition to the new pets arriving at Summoner’s Rift, the Vale Herald also received changes.

Voidgrubs are the new monsters in Summoner’s Riftesports league of legends season changes photo7 2024 201123
The Herald of the Valley also underwent changes to its appearanceDisclosure/Riot Games

Now, according to the Riot Phloxit will work like Sion’s ultimate or Snowball (W) from Nunu. Players will be able to jump into the Herald and drive towards the towers. The idea is to maintain the identity of taking towers, but with more flexibility.

Along with the new monsters arriving at Summoner’s Rift, the existing ones will also undergo changes over time. From 20 minutes into the game, the monsters that represent the buffs of the Blue (Azuporã) It is Red (Rubrivira)along with Arongejo, are consumed by the Void and become even more difficult to kill but provide their buff to the entire team – with the exception of allies killed at the time.

O Aronguejo of the Void will also have a new effect: killing it grants a giant Flowerseer effect, revealing enemy champions and wards around where the monster was killed (and leaving all wards with one health).

Azuporã after being consumed by Void 20 minutes into the gameDisclosure/Riot Games
Rubrivira after being consumed by the Void 20 minutes into the gameDisclosure/Riot Games

Dragons will also be the focus of changes in this next update. Now as soon as the Infernal Rift, from the Infernal Dragon, is activated, some Infernal Embers appear across the map, granting champions who pick them up adaptive attributes and a burst of movement speed. Whenever a champion is killed, he drops half of his Embers, which can be acquired by his team.

Another change happens based on changes to the map. With new walls and styles in Summoner’s Rift, the changes brought by the Mountain and Ocean Dragon Rift have been repositioned.

New Baron Nashor Styles

With a completely renewed look, now the space dedicated to the emergence of Baron Nashor It will also change after 20 minutes of play. Two new monster variations have been added to the game, the Territorial Baron and the Omniscient Baronin addition to the Baron Hunter – which is already known to League of Legends players.

Along with the new look and available variations, he will also have new attack types that complement the terrain changes brought about by the variations. The Huntsman Baron (normal) hits all nearby enemies with lightning that falls from the sky, the Territorial uses his hands to pull Champions towards him and the Omniscient Baron opens a Void Rift that deals damage over time inside the tunnel lair.

Despite the new names, the difference between the Baron’s styles will only bring changes to the map, that is, the buff granted when killing the monster has not changed.

Changes to the Baron Nashor Territorial mapDisclosure/Riot Games
More changes caused by Baron Nashor variationsDisclosure/Riot Games

Change in items

As was already revealed some time ago, Riot Games chose to remove the mythic item system from League of Legends. The developers’ justification was to bring more autonomy to players when it comes to being creative in their builds, in addition to increasing the flexibility of new combinations appearing in different games.

Items that are already in the game and are in the Mythic category will currently receive nerfs to become less powerful overall. Furthermore, Riot will also bring changes to mages’ itemsbringing a clearer purpose and more assertive use.

Supporters will also see changes happening to their items. Now, players will only be able to choose one item option that gives gold when damaging champions and executing minions. It still evolves based on progress, but its 3rd stage is what makes the big difference: players will be able to improve it into a complete item.

In general, there will be five variations of support items, these being for: initiation tanks, enchanters, protectors, fighters and “selfish” mages.

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