To ESPN, Endrick’s mother gets emotional remembering the fight against hunger

To ESPN, Endrick’s mother gets emotional remembering the fight against hunger
To ESPN, Endrick’s mother gets emotional remembering the fight against hunger

Carlos Eduardo Fonseca, from Teresópolis (RJ)Nov 20, 2023, 06:00Reading: 4 min.

Endrick’s mother is moved to tears and recalls moments of difficulty with her son

Cíntia Ramos spoke in an exclusive interview with

Living a magical moment with the shirt Palm trees and summoned by Fernando Diniz to the Brazilian Team, Endrick He is the sensation of Brazilian football today.

After making his debut with the yellow jersey in the defeat to Colombiain Barranquilla, the attacker has the chance to play his first Brazil x Argentina this Tuesday (21), at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), for the sixth round of the World Cup qualifiers.

But life wasn’t always like this.

In an exclusive interview with, Cíntia Ramos, Endrick’s mother, was moved when remembering the difficult times she went through with her son and told a little about the journey of the Alviverde jewel to stardom.

Cíntia detailed the most difficult moment the family went through, when she and her son left Brasília and moved to São Paulo to try to fulfill the boy’s dream of becoming a professional player.

“It was difficult because he had a room to stay in and I had a little mattress that I put every night. My things were in the corner of the room. And we stayed there for about three months”, recalled the attacker’s mother.

“Palmeiras provided breakfast, snacks, dinner and an evening snack. But at the time, as a child like that, Endrick was playing in his room. Then when it was around 9 o’clock at night, he had already eaten his snack in the morning. And he doesn’t forget that scene. He told me he was hungry, and I had to say: ‘Son, there’s nothing for you to eat right now, but go to sleep, son, and the hunger will go away'”.

Cíntia also recalled when she and Douglas, Endrick’s father, decided how to pay for life in São Paulo while the boy tried his luck in football.

“After my husband came, he started looking for a job, but it was difficult, he wasn’t getting any. And then we decided to make and sell coffee, sell coffee on the subway. I made the cakes, I made the pies and he made the coffee and I left inside the subway. And that’s how we started to get the money to live”, said Cíntia Ramos.

Years later, the mother has the chance to see her son in Brazil x Argentina, one of the biggest games in world football. And she already knows what to say to Endrick moments before the ball rolls at Maracanã.

“May he enjoy the moment, play football, have humility and respect for his friends and opponents. May he play a great game and help his teammates with whatever he needs, because they are his team. May he have fun and enjoy , because it is the dream of many to be there”, concluded Cíntia.

Next games of the Brazilian team

  • Argentina (C): 11/21, 9:30 pm (Brasília time) – World Cup qualifiers

  • England (F): 23/3, to be confirmed – friendly

  • Spain (F): to be confirmed – friendly

Endrick with his parents and brother celebrating his 17th birthdayInstagram/@cintiaramossousa

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