Brazil ‘struck’? Dinizism? The Argentina coach’s phrases

Brazil ‘struck’? Dinizism? The Argentina coach’s phrases
Brazil ‘struck’? Dinizism? The Argentina coach’s phrases
- 20, 2023, 2:20 pmReading: 3 min.

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This Monday (20), the technician from Argentina, Lionel Scalonigave his press conference prior to the “Superclássico” against Brazilat Maracanã.

The teams face each other this Tuesday (21), at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), for the 6th round of the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

In the conversation with reporters, Scaloni spoke about the casting of Albiceleste and also commented on the difficult moment experienced by the “canarinho” team.

Check out Lionel Scaloni’s main phrases:

– About lineup

“I already have the starting lineup decided, but I haven’t told the players yet. There is a possibility (of Di María starting as a starter), the idea is not to change the team too much… But some changes will happen”

– About changes in the starting lineup

“There will be some changes, but they will not be based on performance. I will not change a player because he played well or poorly in a match. That is not my characteristic. The changes I will make will be to try to ‘hurt’ the opponent”

– About the defeat to Uruguay

“We have always said that we are not invincible and that is the reality. We have to be prepared for this. We have to continue competing. We are the first ones who want to seek recovery. We have a very tough opponent next, and we will have to try to compete”

– About the absences of Neymar and Vinicius Jr.

“These two players are phenomenal, but all teams have top-class athletes. Surely, their coach is prepared for these absences. We are talking about Brazil”

Lionel Scaloni during Argentine national team training, on November 14, 2023EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

– About Brazil’s feeling of “revenge” for the Copa América 2021

“We always think about the present. We don’t have to remember old moments. It’s a classic between Argentina and Brazil and everyone knows what’s at stake. We have to focus on now”

– About the crisis in the Brazilian team

“It’s relative to say that Brazil arrives ‘beaten’ for this game. Against Colombia, they played a very good game until the 70th minute. The final result was a little misleading”

– Will Diniz be ‘Dinizista’ or will he play more cautiously?

“They will take the field to play their game. Brazil’s coach has a traditional way of playing and he won’t change that”

– About the chance of making Brazil’s crisis even worse

“We play for ourselves. We don’t think about anything that could happen to our rival later. Let’s play the match and see what the result will be”

Next games of the Brazilian team

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