Wrong! Thiago Neves bet on Fortaleza’s victory over Cruzeiro

Wrong! Thiago Neves bet on Fortaleza’s victory over Cruzeiro
Wrong! Thiago Neves bet on Fortaleza’s victory over Cruzeiro

A video of retired midfielder Thiago Neves went viral on social media this Monday (20). In it, the former Cruzeiro player, relegated in 2019, bet on Fortaleza’s victory over Cruzeiro, in a game held last Saturday (18), valid for the 30th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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Neves’ hunch failed. Cruzeiro defeated Fortaleza 1-0, at Castelão, with a goal from Bruno Rodrigues, and left the competition’s relegation zone.

With 40 points, Cruzeiro reached 16th place and still has five games in the Brazilian Championship to confirm itself in the national elite in 2024.

Cruzeiro returns to the field against Vasco, next Wednesday (22), at 7pm (Brasília time), at Mineirão, for the 33rd round of the Brazilian Championship.

In addition to the game against Vasco, the celestial team will face Goiás (away), Athletico-PR (home), Botafogo (away) and Palmeiras (home).

Thiago Neves at Cruzeiro

Thiago Neves defended Cruzeiro between 2017 and 2019, the year of relegation to Series B. The midfielder had a great identification with the Celeste fans, but he threw everything into disarray during the relegation campaign. In addition to his low performance on the field, the former midfielder was involved in many off-field controversies and disrespected the institution on several occasions.

In a recent interview with the program Bola da Vez, from ESPNNeves admitted regret for having gone to an event at Mineirão on the eve of a decision for the club in the final stretch of 2019.

“One thing I didn’t want to experience again is the event I went to, at Mineirão. That’s where the bomb was. It was a huge mistake, which I recognize. It was a Sunday, and Cruzeiro played on Monday. This Sunday, I didn’t want to live again”, said Thiago Neves.

“It was a ‘Tardezinha’ (show by singer Thiaguinho). When I left, I started receiving messages and photos. My friends saying: ‘There’s already a video of you going on’. Then, the regret of ‘what did I come here to do?’” he added.

The former player went to the show on December 1st (Saturday), the day before a game between Raposa and Vasco, in Série A. The then midfielder was recovering from an injury.

“Going home, I had that feeling of ‘man, what a crazy thing I did. Oh my God’. This is the memory I have of that day. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. (…) There, I should have had more respect for my teammates, who were going to play the other day. It was two things. One that I was injured and couldn’t go to the event. Second is respect for the players, for Cruzeiro’s current situation”, he admitted.

The following day, Thiago Neves was removed by Cruzeiro. Then the club’s football manager, Zezé Perrella recorded a video in which he assured that the player was out of the plans. Coach on that occasion, Adilson Batista commanded respect.

Cruzeiro ended up defeated by Vasco 1-0 in the 36th round of Series A of the Brazilian Championship. Six days later, after being defeated 2-0 by Palmeiras, at Mineirão, the celestial team was relegated to the Second Division.

Speak, Zezé!

Another controversy between Neves at the end of the Brazilian Championship was with the then football manager, Zezé Perrella, who presided over Cruzeiro for many years.

At the time, the player charged 60% of an outstanding salary to the manager. In the voice message, Thiago Neves stated that the arrangement would eliminate the ‘animal’ to win the match against CSA, for the Brazilian Championship that year.

The audio was leaked and went viral precisely after the defeat to CSA, 1-0, at Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte. In that match, Neves missed a penalty.

Hey Zezé, good morning, man. Let me tell you something. I’m thinking here, I know it’s difficult for you to find resources, I know you’re running after it, but I’m speaking for myself, I haven’t spoken to anyone on the team. See if you can’t at least pay that other 60% before Thursday’s game, because then you don’t even need to have animals, you know, to win the game. It’s an extra motivation for us, man, to get the salary right. Then you don’t need to find a prize to win the game, because our obligation is to win this game. ‘You are crazy! If we don’t win against the CSA, for God’s sake. ‘Wow’, make this effort for us, until Thursday, to try to settle this 60% that is late in salary”, said Neves in the leaked audio.

Between 2017 and 2019, Thiago Neves scored 41 goals and provided 23 assists in 153 games for Cruzeiro. During this period, the point guard won the 2017 and 2018 Brazilian Cups and the 2018 and 2019 Minas Gerais Championships.

Frustrated deal with Atlético

In 2020, shortly after a lackluster spell at Grêmio, Thiago Neves reached an agreement with Atlético, Cruzeiro’s rival, which buried once and for all any consideration of Cruzeiro’s fans for titles at Toca. Negotiations with Galo ended up being canceled after great rejection from the fans.

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