The number of tennis fans in Brazil grows

The number of tennis fans in Brazil grows
The number of tennis fans in Brazil grows

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Brazil and the world. Our country is the birthplace of Guga, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, so the growing interest is not a surprise. Credit: Photo by Renith R via Unsplash

According to figures released by the Brazilian Tennis Confederation (CBT), tennis, a form of sport, already has more than 2 million players in Brazil. These data demonstrate growth when compared to data obtained in 2021 and 2022.

The exponential appreciation for sport goes hand in hand with the rise of athletes like Bia Haddad on the international scene. The activity that previously had a limited scope now features among the main sports news in the country, bringing with it the desire to watch and practice tennis.

In order to adapt to growing demand, different entertainment sectors began to offer tennis as an option, including online sports betting. Check out everything about the sport’s trajectory in the country here, including possibilities for those looking to learn more about tennis.

Brazilian athletes

It is impossible to talk about the growth of tennis in Brazil without mentioning some of the great national athletes. Two of them have already been mentioned in the introductory paragraphs: Guga and Bia Haddad. While Guga is a retired athlete, Bia is still at the peak of her career.

Guga worked professionally between 1995 and 2008, achieving a series of titles and records. Among the most important are his three Roland Garros championships, which places him as the greatest Brazilian tennis player of all time. O “human labrador”as he became known, is a national idol.

Bia kicked off her career in 2010 and is still competing. Her biggest recent highlight is qualifying for the 2022 WTA Finals, something never before achieved by a Brazilian tennis player. At just 27 years old, it is certain that Bia Haddad will continue to elevate the name of Brazilian tennis.

Sports betting on tennis

Every sport that becomes popular appears in online casinos in Brazil and sports betting houses, which is no different with tennis. Although the sport does not have as significant a presence as football, the greater interest in the sport’s competitions is noted by betting platforms.

On these specialized websites, those interested in tennis can find information about sports betting houses, including their ratings (according to the opinion of other bettors and experts), payment methods, pros and cons, offering bonuses for new users and other valuable data.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a close relationship between sports betting and online casinos, with both activities often appearing on the same website. Because of this, bettors also find out which casino games (including slots, roulette and card games) are present.

All this information is important for betting on a wide range of sports, including tennis. It is interesting that bettors also keep an eye on odds, markets and the performance of athletes (Brazilian and international) before betting during a tennis competition.

The big competitions

The main international tennis competition is Roland Garros, a tournament that has existed since 1891, which precedes other sports. The matches take place annually in France and are attended by the biggest names in international tennis, including some prominent Brazilian athletes.

Other major tennis events include the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Each of them has specific rules. Together, the four competitions called the “Grand Slam” (also known as “majors”) and contribute to world championship scores.

While Roland Garros dates back to 1891, the Australian Open began in 1905; Wimbledon has existed since 1877 (making it the oldest Grand Slam event); and the US Open had its origins in 1881. Obtaining high scores in these competitions results in greater recognition for athletes.

There is no shortage of alternatives to enjoy tennis in the country. Whether through broadcasts of international competitions, practice as a hobby or sports betting, the activity has a lot to teach us. Who knows, perhaps this interest will lead to the emergence of other great sports stars?

And do you also consider yourself a tennis fan? Are you inspired by the great players who have earned their place in the sport?

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