Casimiro comments on Autuori’s interview at Cruzeiro: ‘It seems like he’s disinterested’

Casimiro comments on Autuori’s interview at Cruzeiro: ‘It seems like he’s disinterested’
Casimiro comments on Autuori’s interview at Cruzeiro: ‘It seems like he’s disinterested’

Streamer Casimiro Miguel commented, in the early hours of this Wednesday (15), Paulo Autuori’s press conference at Cruzeiro. Then Celeste technical director, the now coach will lead the team on an interim basis until the end of the 2023 season.

For Cazé, Autuori demonstrated a lack of interest in body expression throughout the collective. The experienced coach, aged 67, will act as Cruzeiro coach for the fourth time in his career.

“Autuori’s body expression, during the entire press conference, like, f*ck, if you look at it, it’s like that all the time, you know? Like, it seems like he’s uninterested in everything, so he puts his hand like this, he puts his hand like this, he puts his hand like this, he goes here, f*ck, are you aware?”, said Casimiro, during live on Twitch.

“But, then his response was the following: f*ck, I don’t need to be, f*ck, talking like a son of a bitch here to look like I’m working, understand? I understood this fact, what he said, is true”, he added.

Autuori, Celeste’s technical director since August, will replace Zé Ricardo, fired last Sunday (12).

“But he failed to answer another question from the base. And if he said that the professionals who passed by did a good job, I didn’t see that, it’s crazy”, Casimiro also stated.

Cruzeiro is in 17th place in the Brazilian Championship, with 37 points in 32 games, opening the relegation zone for the 2024 Series B.

On Saturday (18), at 6:30 pm, Autuori will make his debut in the match against Fortaleza, at Castelão, in a delayed game of the 30th round of the Brasileirão. Leão do Pici is 12th in the championship, with 43 points in 32 games.

Autuori’s last job as a coach

Before being hired by Cruzeiro, Autuori led Atlético Nacional for much of the season. On July 6, less than a month before arriving in Belo Horizonte, the professional asked to leave Colombia for “personal reasons”.

Autuori decided to leave Colombia shortly after the draw for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, when the team qualified to face Racing, from Argentina. In the group stage, Atlético Nacional finished second in Group H, with 10 points, and was behind Olimpia, with 14.

This year, Autuori was runner-up in the Apertura Tournament with the ‘Verdolagas’. On that occasion, the Alviverde team was defeated by the Millonarios in the final, on penalties.

In total, he led Atlético Nacional in 34 games, with 15 wins, 14 draws and five defeats. The success rate was 57.84%.

Autuori’s stints as Cruzeiro coach

In 1997, Autuori arrived at Cruzeiro to replace Oscar Bernardi, who left the club at the beginning of the Libertadores. In addition to the continental title, he won the Campeonato Mineiro that year.

In 1999, two years after leaving, the professional returned to Toca da Raposa as a replacement for Levir Culpi. Without lifting trophies, he was fired after losing Mineiro.

In 2007, when he arrived for his third stint as coach, Paulo Autuori was hired to replace Oswaldo de Oliveira. At the time, with a similar trajectory to his second stint, he left after a 4-0 defeat in a classic, in the first game of the Mineiro final.

Overall, Autuori led Cruzeiro in 86 official games and one friendly, with 43 wins, 21 draws and 23 defeats, a 49.4% success rate.

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