Veteran in the national team, Alisson praises young people: “They look at it in a different way” | Brazilian Team

Veteran in the national team, Alisson praises young people: “They look at it in a different way” | Brazilian Team
Veteran in the national team, Alisson praises young people: “They look at it in a different way” | Brazilian Team

The only one on Fernando Diniz’s FIFA list for this date over 30 years of age – he turned 31 in October -, Alisson praised the youngest players in the Brazilian team. The Liverpool goalkeeper, a starter in two World Cups and back in the team after Ederson’s cut, highlighted the attitude of the “newbies”.

Watch Alisson’s press conference on the eve of Colombia x Brazil

– It’s easy to deal with this new generation. They face this challenge of being here, being a professional player, in a different way. They have demonstrated this with attitude. They are willing to learn and increase their level of football. They are talented by nature. Everyone can grow a lot. These are players who can decide matches for us.

– Everyone here is extremely important. I’m happy to be living a new moment and being one of the oldest in the team. I have always sought to have longevity. It has to be consistent, long term. This has always been a goal in my life and that depends on performing at a high level. I will always try to contribute to the younger people – he added.

1 of 2 Alisson during the national team training at Granja Comary — Photo: Lesley Ribeiro / CBF
Alisson during the national team training at Granja Comary — Photo: Lesley Ribeiro / CBF

Alisson played his first game for the Brazilian team in October 2015, still with Dunga. Of the current group, only Marquinhos, who debuted in November 2013, has had more time with hopscotch. Gabriel Jesus started in 2016, and the rest started to defend Brazil from 2019 onwards.

Brazil faces Colombia at the Metropolitano stadium this Thursday, at 9 pm (Brasília time), in the fifth round of the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. On Tuesday, the 21st, the opponent will be Argentina, at 9:30 pm , at Maracanã.

With seven points, the Seleção occupies third place in the competition, behind the Argentines, with 12, and the Uruguayans, who also have seven, the same three goal difference, but scored one more: 8 to 7. South America offers six direct places for the World Cup to be played in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico). The seventh placed team qualifies for the repechage.

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Dispute for vacancy among incumbents

– Competition within the national team leads to this. Different moments. In past cycles, opportunities were also given to other players. Ederson also had an opportunity with Tite. Today is no different. For me, it doesn’t change my behavior, the way I face the national team as a challenge. Responsibility for wearing this shirt and the pleasure of being here fulfilling a childhood dream. The competition is very big. One more reason to dedicate myself to training on the field and seek good results.

– Respect is the main word. Everyone who is here deserves to be here. In my point of view, the more players being awarded on lists of the best in the world, the better for the National Team. Ederson is a guy I have special affection for. Our children are friends and study together. We meet at the children’s school and we still have competition here in the National Team and between our clubs, but the word respect prevails in this relationship.

– They were terrible moments (the Colombian striker, a teammate at Liverpool, had his parents kidnapped). A situation in which we have nothing to do, just be close to the person. We, South Americans, get along well. We gave strength. Liverpool gives us all our support. I went through a difficult time there and received all the support I didn’t even expect. Facing him will be a joy. Happy to know that his father is okay. It’s a trauma, but you’ll recover. Luis Díaz is a great player and will give us work. We will try to neutralize him and the Colombia players.

2 of 2 Alisson and Luis Díaz, Liverpool clubmates — Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images
Alisson and Luis Díaz, clubmates at Liverpool — Photo: John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

– There are all these off-field factors that can influence. The way we prepared ourselves is to face these challenges. We are undergoing adaptation and this is our challenge. Playing well, doing what is being trained and getting the result, which ends up being the most important thing. There is a path to reach the result and we will face this game with all the difficulties that lie ahead. It will be a tough game. Our players are capable of responding to this game aggressively and winning in the details.

Reception for Diniz after the Libertadores title

– We welcomed him very happily. We are happy for this title, not just for Fernando. Another Brazilian team winning the Libertadores. It doesn’t change much due to Diniz’s stance. He shows his essence, what he says is who he is. The title only gives you more confidence. Gives support and respect. This brings positive things to us. It is with great joy that we welcome him, but our main objective is the World Cup and the next challenge is Colombia. See what we did positive, follow up and improve the negative things.

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