Endrick at New Balance generates feelings of defeat in brands


After a dispute, Endrick agreed with New Balance as a supplier of sporting goods until 2028. He found out the OUR LECTURE that Adidas, a company that was fighting to have the Palmeiras striker in its portfolio, treated the loss as a major defeat for its aspirations as a brand for the future.

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Fernando Diniz talks about Endrick’s growth in the Brazilian team

The German brand wanted the young man from Palmeiras with Real Madrid in mind, as it could use the image of the Academy’s Cria in major marketing actions from the middle of 2024, the date scheduled for the presentation at the Spanish club. Puma and Nike also showed interest but did not move forward in negotiations with the athlete

As I had anticipated, NP, the 17-year-old’s mother has greatly influenced the decision. She wants her son to choose New Balance so he can be the big star and “face” of the North American company in the world.

Endrick and his father were inclined to close with Adidas, to avoid image use conflicts with Real Madrid, sponsored by the German company. According to his mother, however, he would be just “another” representative of the company.

Before defining the supplier, Endrick had been using boots from different brands, whether in training or in Palmeiras games. In Verdão’s last match, against Athletico-PR, the number 9 played with New Balance boots. In the previous three games, they had used Nike material, in turn.

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