Bahia squad met with fan suspected of attacking the club’s own bus in 2022


Members of the organized Bamor fans met, last Saturday (11), with members of Bahia’s technical committee, management and players Danilo Fernandes, Marcos Felipe, Gilberto, Kanu, Vitor Hugo, Ratão, Ademir, Rezende, Thaciano and Biel, to demand the club for the difficult situation they are experiencing in the Brazilian Championship. In the video of the meeting, an unusual presence caught attention. Jaderson Santana Bispo, known as Jau, member of the organization and accused of throwing a bomb at the Tricolor de Aço bus on February 24, 2022, before the game against Sampaio Corrêa, for the Copa do Nordeste, participated in the conversation.

Last weekend’s meeting, with Jau having space to criticize the managers and players, put him face to face with Danilo Fernandes, who was almost blinded in the bomb incident (thrown, according to the Police, by Jau and with the participation of others three members of Bamor). On that occasion, a piece of shrapnel missed the Bahia goalkeeper’s eye by centimeters – he suffered 20 stitches between his ear, face and leg. Left-back Matheus Bahia also suffered minor injuries in the attack.

The four members of Bamor, including Jau, were denounced by the Bahia Public Ministry for attempted murder in March 2022, but, four months later, the Civil Police concluded the investigation and indicted the accused for minor bodily injury and crime against safety. public (exposing someone to danger to life, physical integrity or damage to property), in the explosion mode.

In contact with the report Trivela, lawyer Otto Lopes, who represents Bamor and the members, said that he presented the defense of some of the accused and others are awaiting summons in the process to present their defense. They are also waiting for the court to schedule the hearing. According to the defense, on the day of the attack on the bus, the Bamor members indicted for the crime were setting off fireworks to encourage the team.

At the time, still presided over by the associative club, Bahia repudiated the decision of the Bahian Civil Police to indict the accused for bodily harm instead of attempted murder, as the MP had pointed out.

Attention, Brazil: do you know the attack on our bus, which almost blinded Danilo Fernandes and could have killed people? After 4 months of investigation and a promise of rigor from the authorities, the Bahia Police closed the case as MINOR BODILY INJURY. When someone dies, there will be no point in mourning – the Bahian club wrote in July last year.

It is worth noting that just over a month before the attack on the bus, in January last year, Jau was part of the Bamor group that invaded the Cidade Tricolor Training Center and threatened players.

What did Jau say to the players at last Saturday’s meeting?

In the 14-minute video released by Bamor, several members of the organization accuse the club members of the bad phase. In Jau’s turn, he criticized the club’s high investment for 2023 – bringing little results – and talks about Bahia’s “pitiful and shitty” championship.

– This year we invested a lot and where are we? Poor management of those who hire! Make this very clear. From those who are at the forefront of hiring. It is unacceptable for the club, with its financial support, to have a poor, shitty championship, fighting all the time to avoid falling. In Nordestão we came out, Copa do Brasil was a draw and a draw. You’re wrong, old man! Whoever has been hiring for the team is wrong, old man. Not to belittle the group of athletes, but you can’t, old man. Bahia invested the money it invested and is in the same shit as in times past, always fighting to not fall. When the club fell, several families were left without jobs because the financial support from TV fell. The family suffers, we suffer. us [organizada] don’t want help [financeira] from anyone and we just want you to donate and not let Bahia fall any further.

What Bahia says about the meeting with Bamor members

A Trivela, Bahia reported that it requested a list of fans who would go to the CT before the meeting, but was not answered by Bamor. The club also reiterated that, at the time of the attack, it cooperated with the investigations and awaits punishment for those involved.

It is worth noting, however, that not even Bahia punished them, as those indicted for the crime still attend Tricolor de Aço games at Arena Fonte Nova or other stadiums normally.

Bamor’s position on charging for Bahia’s squad

This Saturday afternoon, we were at CT Evaristo de Macedo for a conversation with the board, technical committee and some players from Esporte Clube Bahia. We set out with the intention of CHARGING, passing on all the INDIGNATION of the tricolor fans towards the squad and seeking CLARIFICATIONS about the team’s poor performance.

We question everything that has occurred in recent months and make it clear that the Bamor institution will never intend to cause any problems in the club’s environment. We demonstrated our dissatisfaction with the current situation of the team, we expressed our anger with weak and cowardly performances, we made it clear that we can no longer waste points, especially playing at home. We also emphasize that we will not let Bahia fall, and that this situation of fighting against relegation with the finances we have should not be planned for a club the size of ours under any circumstances.

Therefore, we will have an important match tomorrow, and as fans, we will fulfill our role with support and confidence, we will be present in the stands and we will play together throughout the match. But, we demand IMMEDIATE results.

Bahia’s worrying situation in the Brasileirão

Bahia is not within the relegation zone, but is in a complicated situation in the Brasileirão, with just 37 points added and in 16th place. Tricolor de Aço is the fourth club with the highest chance of being relegated (51%) because it only has one more score than Cruzeiro, the first team in the Z4 that still has two fewer matches to be played.

Therefore, the team coached by Rogério Ceni does not depend solely on itself to escape what would be the fourth relegation in the club’s history. Bahia’s four remaining games are against Corinthians (away), São Paulo (home), América (f) and Atlético-MG (c).

Brazilian Serie A 2023
# Selection J V AND D +/- Points

Palm trees

34 18 8 8 26 62


33 18 6 9 23 60


34 18 5 11 7 59


33 16 11 6 17 59

Atletico Mineiro

34 16 9 9 16 57


33 16 9 8 13 57

Athletico Paranaense

34 13 12 9 8 51


33 13 8 12 1 47


34 13 8 13 1 47

São Paulo

33 12 10 11 two 46


34 10 14 10 0 44

EC Fortaleza

32 12 7 13 -1 43


34 11 10 13 -5 43


34 11 9 14 -18 42

Vasco da Gama

33 11 7 15 -8 40

EC Bahia

34 10 8 16 -8 38


32 9 10 13 1 37


34 8 11 15 -15 35


34 8 5 21 -28 29

America MG

34 4 9 21 -32 21

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