Sada Cruzeiro begins another Superliga title defense

Sada Cruzeiro begins another Superliga title defense
Sada Cruzeiro begins another Superliga title defense

This Wednesday (15), the celestial team hosts Sesi Bauru for the debut game of the 23/24 season of the national league

Sada Cruzeiro begins, this Wednesday (15), another defense of its Superliga title | Photo: Flavio Tavares/O TEMPO

The time has come for Sada Cruzeiro to start defending its Superliga title. Greatest champion of the national league, with eight titles (2022/23, 2021/22, 2017/18, 2016/17, 2015/16, 2014/15, 2013/14 and 2011/12), the celestial team debuts this Wednesday- fair (15), against Sesi Bauru, in Riachão, at 8pm.

In 23/24, the Superliga enters its 30th edition, and Sada embarks on its 18th consecutive participation in the Brazilian volleyball elite. Thinking about another high-level tournament, the celestial board chose to maintain the base that won five trophies last season, with only a few specific changes, such as the arrival of liberos Alê and Lukinhas.

With a lot of experience in the squad, one of the most renowned is central Lucão, Olympic champion, who will play his second consecutive season in Minas Gerais volleyball. For him, the objective of the group setting up for the dispute is just one: adding the ninth trophy to the shelf.

“Sada Cruzeiro has a very beautiful project, which grew little by little, gaining space until it reached the level it reached. All this foundation and all this history behind it also represent the strength of the team, and this is reproduced in the achievements . Our expectation is always to win. Our team was assembled to win and that is our objective. We have an incredible squad, in which we managed to maintain practically all of last year’s base and we are going to work hard. We want to have an excellent Superliga and our The objective is to make a great debut against Sesi, which is also a very quality team”, said Lucão.

Last season, Sesi Bauru — which at the time was Sesi-SP — fell in the quarterfinals to Itambé Minas and ended the tournament in seventh place. For this one, it has already known names in the squad, such as opposite Darlan, striker Lukas Bergmann and libero Douglas Pureza.

Filipe continues his success story with Sada Cruzeiro

Coach Filipe Ferraz is one of those who has a long history with five stars on his chest. He defended the team as an athlete for more than a decade and, this year, he is the commander of the star-studded squad for the third consecutive day. ‘Champion of Everything’ on and off the courts, the coach highlighted the importance of the milestone of 30 years of Superliga and a high-level tournament for Brazilian volleyball.

“30 years of Superliga, I, at 43, didn’t experience the beginning, but five or six years later I was already playing for the Santo André team, one that gave me the opportunity to appear on the sports scene. We see how much it is It is important to have a consistent tournament, with champion teams like Sada Cruzeiro and other traditional clubs that maintain a high level in the country. It is important to know that from that point onwards — creation of the league — we were able to bring many titles to Brazilian volleyball, as World Cups and Olympics, and I believe we are on the right path”, commented Filipe.

With a history of success, the coach does not hide the affection he has for the sport and guarantees that, with each passing year of dominance, Sada Cruzeiro always has more responsibility.

“I just have to congratulate volleyball and thank it. Everything I achieved, as an athlete and now as a coach, I owe to the sport. I have to congratulate everyone involved who is part of it and who makes it grow. We still have a lot of work ahead of us with the games that are coming and our responsibility only increases”, concluded Filipe.

See the Sada Cruzeiro squad for 23/24

See the main squad of Sada Cruzeiro for 23/24

  • Lifters: Uriarte, Rodrigo and Pedrinho
  • Opposites: Wallace and Oppenkoski
  • Pointers: Vaccari, López and Rodriguinho
  • Centers: Otávio, Lucão, Cledenílson and Guilherme Rech
  • Libero: Alexandre Elias (Alê) and Lukinhas
  • Coach: Filipe Ferraz

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