Sainz wins Netflix golf tournament and breaks trophy

Sainz wins Netflix golf tournament and breaks trophy
Sainz wins Netflix golf tournament and breaks trophy

At 3pm local time (8pm Brasília time), the WynnGolf Club in Las Vegas hosted the first Netflix Cup, in which mixed pairs of golf drivers Formula 1 and professional golfers played golf with each other, bringing together the protagonists of two of Netflix’s greatest productions, Drive to Survive It is Full Swing. Carlos Sainz was crowned champion alongside the American Justin Thomas30 years old.

The Spaniard, wearing a polo shirt and team cap, Ferrariwon the first match against his former teammate Lando Norriswho played with Rickie Fowler. And then, in the so-called “Playoff”, the final, he defeated Pierre Gasly which, together with Collin Morikawahad defeated Alexander Albon It is Max Homa in the semi-final.

It was the first event that could be watched live on Netflix and, if you missed it, you can watch the matches again on the platform, with commentary in English.

The Netflix Cup, in the format scramble, was a great success and left some great moments in history. Ferrari shared on social media how the tournament began, mixing the two sports. A blacked-out traffic light signaled the start and, after the first shot, players had to run to their seats. buggies and accelerate to where the ball was.

The format used was fourball, where each player had their own ball instead of foursomes where pairs alternated shots with the same ball.

Additionally, there was a hole-in-one based on “The Squid Game,” another Netflix hit, where if a player made a hole-in-one, the PGA TOUR would donate $4.56 million to charity, something no one would do. managed to do.

But there was an anecdotal moment when Alexander Albon he said that the famous doll that, in the first game of the series, kills more than half of the participants, looked like his girlfriend…

The moment that will go down in history, however, is the one Sainz had at the awards ceremony. On the podium, wearing the winner’s jacket and next to his teammate, the Spaniard’s cup slipped from his hands, fell to the floor and shattered, to everyone’s disbelief.

This left Sainz with an inevitable feeling of “earth, swallow me!”, and was reminiscent of when footballer Sergio Ramos dropped the Copa del Rey trophy from the Real Madrid bus in 2011 and it too shattered – and when Norris recently broke Verstappen’s trophy on the podium in Hungary!

Either way, the event was a success and Carlos Sainz, together with Justin Thomas (who in 2018 was world number one), will always have the honor of being the first Netflix Cup champion.

Check out some of the best moments from the Netflix Cup below

The start, from another angle

The famous Las Vegas sphere, representing emojis

The “Squid Game” doll, also in the sphere

The champions with the cup

Another photo of Sainz breaking the trophy

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