Flamengo x Bragantino: information about tickets for the match

Flamengo x Bragantino: information about tickets for the match
Flamengo x Bragantino: information about tickets for the match

Nação fan members will be able to purchase tickets for the match between Flamengo and Bragantino starting at 10am this Thursday (16th), according to priority levels. Tickets must be purchased on the website flamengo.superingresso.com.br. The duel, valid for the 30th round (delayed) of the Brasileirão 2023, will be held on 11/23, at 9:30 pm, at Maracanã. Check out the main information below.

Nação fan members who do not have an active ticket card and purchase tickets for the East Inferior, East Superior, West, Maracanã Mais and South sectors must access via QR Code from the Fla Ingressos app. To check step-by-step access via the app, Click here.

Nação fan members with an active ticket card must access the stadium with their respective card. It is important to check the card chosen at the time of purchase. Other fans must exchange their purchase voucher for a physical ticket.

Red and black players who purchased the Maracanã 2023 Package already have their tickets guaranteed for the match. Check below the sales times by plans and priority levels:

11/16 (10am) – Diamond+1 (level 0)
11/16 (2pm) – Diamond / Platinum+1 (level 1)
11/16 (6pm) – Platinum / Gold+1 (level 2)
11/17 (10am) – Gold / Silver+1 (level 3)
17/11 (1pm) – Silver / Bronze +1 (level 4)
11/17 (4pm) – Bronze (level 5)
17/11 (6pm) – General Public online (level 6)
20/11 (10am) – Exchange points, physical points of sale and free fees
11/23 (9pm) – Closing of online sales


North (Flamengo)
– Diamond: R$22.50
– Platinum: R$31.50
– Gold: R$31.50
– Silver: R$36.00
– Bronze: R$45.00
– General Public: R$90.00 (half R$45.00)

South (Flamengo)
– Diamond: R$22.50
– Platinum: R$31.50
– Gold: R$31.50
– Silver: R$36.00
– Bronze: R$45.00
– General Public: R$90.00 (half R$45.00)

Superior East (Flamengo)
– Diamond: R$30.00
– Platinum: R$42.00
– Gold: R$42.00
– Silver: R$48.00
– Bronze: R$60.00
– General Public: R$120.00 (half R$60.00)

Lower East (Flamengo)
– Diamond: R$40.00
– Platinum: R$56.00
– Gold: R$56.00
– Silver: R$64.00
– Bronze: R$80.00
– General Public: R$160.00 (half R$80.00)

Lower West (Flamengo)
– Diamond: R$45.00
– Platinum: R$63.00
– Gold: R$63.00
– Silver: R$72.00
– Bronze: R$90.00
– General Public: R$180.00 (half R$90.00)

Maracanã Mais (Flamengo)
– Diamond: R$243.75
– Platinum: R$311.25
– Gold: R$311.25
– Silver: R$345.00
– Bronze: R$412.50
– General Public: R$750.00 (half R$412.50)
Note: for tickets to sectors where additional services are provided, such as, for example, the buffet service and the Maracanã Mais sector, the discount only applies to the portion relating to the ticket for the game, with the corresponding amount being charged in full. to the service.


To purchase and collect tickets, the purchaser (buyer or login owner) must present the following documents:
– Printed, completed and signed voucher (only for exchanging tickets purchased online);
– Official and original identification document with photo and CPF;
– Document proving the benefit for purchasing a half-price ticket (if applicable).
– Tickets may only be collected from individuals under 15 years of age when accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. In addition, those responsible must present a ticket from the same sector as the minors to be able to make the withdrawal.

NOTE: for tickets purchased by foreigners, only the original passport will be accepted as an official document. We emphasize that there will be no collection of tickets by third parties. Only the purchaser will be able to collect the tickets. If the same voucher contains more than one ticket, the purchaser must bring the documents mentioned above (including the documents of the holder and ticket holders). In cases of half price, it will be mandatory to present proof(s) of half price(s).

IMPORTANT: access and stay of individuals under 15 years of age in establishments authorized to hold events must be carried out when duly accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

Information about free and half-price tickets can be obtained directly from the official sales website, on the respective departure page.

Physical points of sale and exchange of tickets purchased online for Flamengo fans: COMING SOON

Please be aware that changes may occur depending on the organization of the event and the competent authorities.

The article is in Portuguese

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