Why Draymond Green was sent off but Gobert wasn’t in Warriors vs Wolves

Why Draymond Green was sent off but Gobert wasn’t in Warriors vs Wolves
Why Draymond Green was sent off but Gobert wasn’t in Warriors vs Wolves

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A general confusion, with the right to a rear naked choke from Draymond Green on Rudy Gobert, marked the victory of Minnesota Timberwolves over the Golden State Warriors last Tuesday (14) by 104 to 101 for NBA.

After the match, referee Tyler Ford explained the reasons that led him to expel only the team’s pivot. Warriorsmaintaining the French of Wolves on the court.

“He (Green) aggressively placed Gobert in a headlock and refused to release him. This is unnecessary and excessive conduct that meets the standard for a flagrant foul 2 penalty,” Ford explained, before detailing why the French was also not expelled.

“Gobert was trying to separate Thompson and McDaniels and was considered a peacemaker. We reviewed all other players and actions and no other unsportsmanlike acts were observed.”

Flagrant foul 2 is characterized when a player commits a violent action against an opponent and puts the rival’s physical health at risk. The penalty is immediate expulsion and two free throws.

Gobert revolts post-game; Warriors coach defends Green

“Every time Steph (Curry) doesn’t play, he (Green) doesn’t like playing without his friend. So he does anything he can to get kicked out. Clown behavior. I hope the league does what it needs to do,” fired Gobert after the game.

Steve Kerr, coach of the Warriors, came to Green’s defense. For the coach, the pivot only took action after seeing Gobert hitting Klay Thompson.

“Rudy (Gobert) put his hands on Klay’s neck. That’s why Draymond went after Rudy.”

In the last playoffs, Green had already received a suspension due to a stomp on Domantas Sabonis, from Sacramento Kings. So far, the NBA has not yet commented.

Draymond Green in the match between Golden State Warriors and Minnesota TimberwolvesEzra Shaw/Getty Images

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