Everton speaks out in a statement about the accusation of sexual harassment and says it repudiates the terms | soccer

Everton speaks out in a statement about the accusation of sexual harassment and says it repudiates the terms | soccer
Everton speaks out in a statement about the accusation of sexual harassment and says it repudiates the terms | soccer

Ponte Preta player is reported for sexual harassment and bodily harm

The statement also says that Everton and his wife went to the IML (Legal Medical Institute) this Tuesday to carry out forensic examinations “given the important injuries received at the end of a social event”.

– EVERTON CARDOSO DA SILVA’s advisors come forward to declare that he repudiates the terms of the accusation against him. He informs that, on the advice of his lawyers, at least for now, he will not comment on the details of the charge, especially since it was only at the end of this afternoon (Tuesday, 14/11) that access to the files was obtained, and at a time in which he and his wife were dealing with the presentation at the IML, where forensic examinations were carried out given the significant injuries received at the end of a celebration event to which they were invited.

Two women, who are sisters, filed a police report against the player last Monday. The allegation is that he put his hand on their buttocks in the pool during a barbecue over the weekend, in Paulínia, and that, when confronted, he attacked the victims.

At 34 years old, Everton has a contract with Ponte Preta until November 30th, but has not played since September 9th due to physical problems. In October, he underwent a new procedure on the Achilles tendon in his left ankle and plans to return to the pitch next season.

Ponte will not comment as it understands that this is a private matter.

Raised in the youth categories of Paraná Clube, Everton competed for the 2007 Brasileirão revelation award in his first year as a professional. Even though he didn’t get the prize, he caught the attention of Kléber Leite, Flamengo’s vice-president of football, and was traded to Rubro-Negro the following year.

His time at the Rio club was divided into two parts. In the first, there were 51 games and the 2009 Brasileirão title, with one goal in 28 games in the campaign. The player ended up being traded to Tigres, from Mexico, for US$5.7 million (around R$10 million at the time). His stay in Mexican football was quick and discreet, with two goals and 16 games.

Everton returned to Brazil in 2011 to defend Botafogo, but again left national football to play in South Korean football with the Suwon Bluewings shirt, where he scored seven goals in 29 games in one season.

1 of 2 Everton during the passage through the Bridge — Photo: Marcos Ribolli/ PontePress
Everton during their passage through the Bridge — Photo: Marcos Ribolli/ PontePress

In 2013, he received a direct invitation from Mário Celso Petraglia to defend Athletico-PR and led the team in the final campaign of the Copa do Brasil. The title, however, went to Flamengo.

Everton, in fact, was hired by the locals themselves and began his second spell at Gávea, which lasted five seasons. There were 163 games and 18 goals. He was also notable for being part of the “Bonde da Stella”. Alongside Alan Patrick, Marcelo Cirino, Paulinho and Pará, he ended up away in October 2015 due to the group’s repeated parties.

In one of the meetings, during Flamengo’s negative phase in the 2015 Brasileirão, they posed smiling with bottles of Stella Artois beer. For this reason, they began to be ironically called by fans, especially on Twitter, “Bonde da Stella”, and received demands for more commitment.

Faced with the damaged image in Gávea, Everton left Flamengo early after receiving a proposal from São Paulo in April 2018.

2 of 2 Everton and the “Bonde da Stella” in Flamengo — Photo: Reproduction Social Networks
Everton and the “Bonde da Stella” at Flamengo — Photo: Reproduction Social Networks

Tricolor paid R$15 million for the player. The termination fine with Flamengo was around 17 million. However, the Rio club accepted as it holds 50% of the athlete’s rights.

In 2020, businessman Carlos Leite took São Paulo to court to collect a debt of R$5.5 million. According to the process, Leite lent R$11 million to the club precisely to complete the operation of signing Everton.

The striker played for São Paulo for three seasons, with 68 games, eight goals and eight assists. He was traded before the 2020 Brasileirão after losing space with Fernando Diniz. At the time, 31 years old, the striker was involved as a bargaining chip for striker Luciano, who was at Grêmio.

Everton was taken advantage of by the Rio Grande do Sul club in two seasons, won the second Rio Grande do Sul championship, but suffered from physical problems and ended up being loaned to Cuiabá, where he was state champion, but had a discreet spell with 19 games and one goal.

He arrived at Majestoso at the end of July 2022, with the status of a major signing, but was unable to live up to it due to repeated physical problems.

There were two surgeries on his left ankle during his time at Ponte and just eight games (five in the current season and three last year). The first injury happened in August 2022, against Brusque, in the third game for Macaca, when he fractured his ankle after getting his foot stuck on the pitch. The images are strong.

Everton, from Ponte Preta, suffers injury and has to leave the stadium by ambulance

When he confirmed that he had undergone a new procedure on the Achilles tendon in his left ankle, Everton was already leaving Macaca. The parties even discussed a termination, but the tendency is for them to wait for the relationship to end – in 16 days.

Understand the accusations against Everton

According to the incident report, one of the victims reported that the first episode of sexual harassment occurred on Thursday night (9), when she went to dinner at Everton’s house in the company of her husband.

To the Civil Police, the victim told that after going to the bathroom, Everton’s wife would be next to her husband and when sitting next to the player, he would have caressed her calf. She would have asked the athlete to stop, but Everton would have insisted and she went to sit in another place.

The victim said he thought that Everton “would have acted due to the effect of drinking alcohol”, and that he believed he would stop in the face of his refusal to attack.

Women denounce Everton player for sexual harassment in Paulínia

However, the woman says that on Saturday (11), Everton and his wife went to the victim’s house for a barbecue, and everyone went to the pool, including the victim’s sister. The woman says that Everton had rubbed her buttocks with his hand and, scared, told her sister.

Also according to the police report, Everton had then committed the same act with the sister of the first victim, who, when confronting the player, heard that he “had made a mistake and confused her with his wife”. It was then that an argument began, which extended outside the condominium.

The police report states that when confronted, Everton allegedly attacked the two women – the content of these attacks was not reported. According to Erico Claro, lawyer for the victims, the player had bitten one of the women.

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