Brazilian who lived ‘war’ with Abel: ‘As a person, he was the worst coach’

Brazilian who lived ‘war’ with Abel: ‘As a person, he was the worst coach’
Brazilian who lived ‘war’ with Abel: ‘As a person, he was the worst coach’

Back to leadership Brasileirão and fighting to win the second championship for Palm treesAbel Ferreira has the most important job in his still short coaching career at the São Paulo club.

One of the first of them, however, marked the career of Dyego Sousa in Europe.

The Brazilian naturalized Portuguese striker, who played under the coach’s command at Bragain between 2017 and 2019has a memory marked by turmoil and gratitude towards the coach.

“I tell everyone close to me: he is a coach who, personally, was the worst I had. The way he demanded me, the way he demanded things from me. At that time I was still hard-headed, I didn’t like the way he spoke to me, I would hit him head on and grumble”, recalled the attacker in an interview with the Portuguese portal Zero zero.

“However, it was the coach who, even though I didn’t like him as a person, showed me what it was like to play football and how I should position myself on the field. That was his way of working.”

Abel Ferreira’s main impact on Dyego Sousa’s evolution, in the athlete’s own view, happened after a tense relationship behind the scenes at Braga, but which resulted in an improvement in the way the Brazilian started to behave collectively.

“I remember he told me: ‘Dyego, your partner does this, he runs 12 km per game and you run 5 km. You score the winning goal, but he runs double or triple for you. If you don’t run, you won’t play with me’. I turned around, gritted my teeth and thought: ‘Son of a bitch, I’m going to prove that I have to play’. He started to provoke and I showed that I had to play.”

“Did I have to go get water? She was running. Did I have to go get the shin pads? She was running. Everything to do the numbers he asked me to do on the GPS during training. This ended up resulting in an increase in my number of goals and assists. That’s what I like, someone telling me I can’t do it. I go there and prove what I can do. As a coach, Abel was one of the best I had.”

Dyego Sousa, from Maranhão, who played for Palmeiras’ youth teams, spent most of his career playing in European football, especially for Portuguese clubs.

In addition to Braga, where he worked with Abel Ferreira, the Brazilian also played in Benfica, Portimonense It is Maritimeand now defends the Alcorconfrom Spain.

The tense relationship with the coach, however, was what most intensely marked Dyego Sousa’s time in Portugal.

“I had a love-hate relationship with Abel, it was complicated. At first I was very stubborn and argued with him like I had never argued with anyone else. There was a day, during training, when he said something to me and I responded. I insulted and sent him to the place where he had to go [risos]. [António] savior [ex-presidente do Braga] was in the field, he sent me inside and asked if I was crazy. I said, ‘Crazy? I? Your coach is crazy! If I stay here things won’t work out’. At that point, Abel came to talk to us, in his very calm posture, and said: ‘Calm down, president. You don’t make good sailors on calm seas.’ It went up and I said, ‘Go f**k off’ [risos]”.

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