Why did Endrick choose New Balance and not Nike, Adidas or Puma?

Why did Endrick choose New Balance and not Nike, Adidas or Puma?
Why did Endrick choose New Balance and not Nike, Adidas or Puma?

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Summoned for the first time Brazilian Team main, Endrick You may also have something new on your feet in the games against Colombia It is Argentina: a special boot produced by New Balancea company with which the young man from Palm trees signed a contract valid until July 2028.

According to the ESPNthere is still no guarantee that the footwear will be ready for the duel against Colombia, next Thursday (16th), but certainly for the match against Argentina, at Maracanã, on the 21st. The boot will be golden, marking the start of the company’s “Endrick brand.”

The official announcement of the agreement between the parties will take place in December this year, with Endrick present at the company’s headquarters in Boston, United States. Future player Real Madridthe attacker had the option of closing with other traditional suppliers, with Nike, adidas or Pumabut chose with his staff to continue with the New Balance for different reasons.

The main factor that influenced the decision was the treatment given by the New Balance to the athlete. Endrick’s family, for example, was very impressed with the way the brand handled the player’s potential during the negotiation period.

There is the prospect that Endrick could be the brand’s biggest star in football, something that would not happen in relation to other competitors. In training on Tuesday (14), he wore red boots.

Endrick warms up during Brazilian team training with new bootsJoilson Marconne / CBF 141123

A Pumafor example, which is Palmeiras’ sporting equipment supplier, tried to get closer to the jewel, but already has none other than Neymar as a big name in its portfolio of market partners.

The German company also did not put on the table the possibility of a line of exclusive Endrick boots as offered by New Balance.

Nike It is adidas were also on the horizon, but the analysis of the size and projection that Endrick could have with the two companies, at the moment, also weighed in.

Nike already has several prominent names in international football, making it impossible for Endrick to have a leading role – recently, for example, Nike company overcame imbroglio with Vinicius Jr. to renew his contract precisely because of this issue of “size” with the company.

Already the adidas has as its main poster boy Lionel Messi. Endrick’s staff also analyzed some of the company’s recent market movements, considered fruitless, such as high bets on Paul Pogba It is Paulo Dybala.

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