Final of the 2023 Cearense Surf Circuit starts this Friday (10); see details – Play

Final of the 2023 Cearense Surf Circuit starts this Friday (10); see details – Play
Final of the 2023 Cearense Surf Circuit starts this Friday (10); see details – Play

The 4th and final stage of the Cearense Surf Circuit 2023O Iguape Pontoonbegins this Friday (10), and ends on Sunday (12), at Iguape Beach. The competition will crown 16 champions at the state event of the Sport of Hawaiian Kings in 2023. The event will be broadcast on Youtube from the Surfing Federation of the State of Ceará.

The highlight of Circuit remains for the duel between Artur Silva and Edvan Silva, tied for the lead in the event ranking. The two together account for six category titlesbeing four for Edvan It is two for Arthur. One of the two ends the event with another trophy in Professional Ceará Champion in the resume.

Edvan bet on the experience of four achievements and its main objective is to Fifth State Championship.

Arthur came out victorious in the penultimate stage and arrived ready for the decision, being able to win the Third state championship.

Professional ranking – Top 4

  • 1st Edvan Silva

  • 1st Arthur Silva

  • 3rd Isaiah Silva

  • 4th José Russo

Itim Silva, Isaías Silva, Eugênio Alves, José Wilson and several other big names in Ceará surfing are also competing for the title of stage. Among these names, only Isaías Silva can dream of the Circuit title. To achieve this achievement he needs to win the event and hope that neither of the two in the lead (Arthur or Edvan) advance even one battery in the competition.

The President of the Surfing Federation of the State of Ceará, Amélio Juniorspoke about the pride of participating in the promotion of the event.

When I stop to think and look at these more than 30 years dedicated to surfing, I feel very proud! Proud to have helped build great stories, great successful careers, like those of Fábio Silva, Tita Tavares, Pablo Paulino, Silvana Lima and many others. But, my greatest pride is the certainty of having been an active part of the social transformation of surfing, from a “marginal” sport, as it was seen in the 1970s and 1980s, to a respected, Olympic sport, which today is seen as a healthy and responsible practice. This for me is priceless and if I could go back, you can be sure that I would do everything the same way, with the same dedication and commitment, even without knowing that one day surfing would become this sport admired by billions of people around. of the world

Amélio Junior

declared the leader.

Women’s Longboard Open Category

Sol Tostes already secured the category title Women’s Longboard Open. With two victories and a second place, the athlete from Icaraí, who currently resides in Paracuru, can no longer be caught by her opponents and will enter the water with the circuit title already guaranteed.

I am very happy and grateful to God, to my supporters, and especially to my parents who were by my side throughout the journey to guarantee the Title of Champion of Ceará 2023. This title was one of my goals for this year and to achieve it It was much more than special, it was also a personal overcoming. Now I have to stay focused, training hard to seek my evolution and achieve all my goals

Sol Tostes

declared the Brazilian longboard revelation athlete in 2023.

Illustrious presence

Jehovah Rodrigues, Brazilian Master Champion 2023 is another big name in Ceará and Brazilian surfing who is a confirmed presence in the last stage of the Cearense Surfing 2023.

The ‘Pontão do Iguape Final Heat’ features several generations of Ceará surfing, from the base categories to the Legends for this 35th Edition of the Cearense Surf Circuit.


Professional category: R$10,000.00 (ten thousand reais)distributed among the best athletes.

Amateur: 3 ACS boards, 13 Blocks, 64 kits from the brands Pena, Jisk, NoGrau, and Alma Leve, Sunlyght Glasses, 4 vouchers worth R$ 100.00 Mahalo Poke, Matrix Optical Gifts + 64 Trophies, divided between the finalists.


In 2023 the Cearense Surf Circuit has 16 categories. Are they:

  • Under 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, Open (no age limit).

  • Professional (no age limit)

  • Master (from 35 years old)

  • Kahuna (from 45 years old)

  • Legend (from 55 years old)

  • Long Open (no age limit)

  • Long Master (from 35 years old)

  • Women’s Long (no age limit)

  • Junior Female (up to 18 years old)

  • Women’s Open (no age limit).


You can check out everything that happens live at the Pontão do Iguape Final Heat, 4th and final Stage of the Cearense Surfing Circuit 2023, through the YouTube Channel of the Surfing Federation of the State of Ceará.

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