I don’t like Diniz, but the squad list was good!

I don’t like Diniz, but the squad list was good!
I don’t like Diniz, but the squad list was good!


Campinas, SP, 8 (AFI) – Fernando Dinizcurrent technician at Brazilian Team, released on the afternoon of this Monday, the 6th, the list of squads to face Colombia and Argentina, on the 16th and 21st of November, respectively. Among the 23 names on the list, only six play in Brazilian football. The rest in European football.

The list included several names that have played for the national team since Tite’s time, but this time, there were also some surprises, which I think are very pleasant, because it demonstrates the Brazilian coach’s desire to test new names in the team that will compete in the Copa do World in 2026, which will be based in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The names that surprised me and have my full support are Endrick (from Palmeiras), Paulinho (from Atlético Mineiro, Lucas Perri (from Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro), Nino and André (from Fluminense, from Rio de Janeiro) and Raphael Veiga (from Palmeiras, from São Paulo). I don’t know if Diniz will put Endrick on the field in the game against Colombia, and when he will use Paulinho.

But both are in great form and if they get the chance to play, they could even establish themselves as starters for the team that, let’s face it, didn’t have a good start to the Qualifiers this year. And more. André and Raphael Veiga, who were called up again, are also players who have already proven their competence, and who, therefore, only tend to add much more quality to the national team’s midfield. Therefore, I applaud Diniz for this new call-up.

But if we are excited about the call-up of players who play in Brazil, we disagree with Diniz when he insists on players like Gabriel Magalhães, Gabriel Jesus and Raphinha, who did little or nothing good for the team, the times they entered the field with the hopscotch. And for you to confirm, here is the list of the twenty-three names called up for this next phase of the South American Qualifiers.

For the goal they were called Ederson (City), Alisson (Liverpool) and Lucas Perri (Botafogo Rio de Janeiro).
For the sides: Emerson Royal (Tottenham), Renan Lodi (Olimpique) and Carlos Augusto (Inter Milan).
Area defenders – Marquinhos (PSG), Gabriel Magalhães (Arsenal), Nino (Fluminense) and Brenner (Juventus).
Midfielders – Bruno Guimarães (Newcastle), André (Fluminense), Douglas Luiz (Aston Villa), Joelington (Newcastle), Rodrigo (Real Madrid) and Raphael Veiga (Palmeiras).
Attackers – Endrick (Palmeiras), João Pedro (Brighton), Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal), Paulinho (Atlético Mineiro), Pepê (Porto), Vini Júnior (Real), Raphinha (Barcelona) and Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal).

There are those who say that, in addition to Endrick, Santos’ young center forward, Marcos Leonardo, deserved to be called up. I agree. I wouldn’t take Gabriel Jesus and call up the Santos center forward.


Of course, Fernando Diniz has not yet defined the team that will start the game on the 16th, but we can pick a team here that would certainly have a chance of beating Colombia, there in Barranquilla. In goal, Ederson. On the sides, Emerson Royal and Renan Lodi. In the middle of the defense, Marquinhos and Nino or Brenner. In midfield, André, Bruno Guimarães, Gabriel Martinelli and Raphael Veiga. And in attack, Endrick and Vini Júnior.

As we said above, the Seleção’s first game in this new phase of the Qualifiers will be in Colombia. The second game will perhaps be the most difficult of this competition. Brazil will face nothing less than Argentina, Brazilian football’s greatest opponent of all time and current world champion. And what’s worse, with the presence of Messi, who continues to be in a great phase and unbalances the games in favor of his team.

This game is scheduled for November 21st, a Tuesday, at the Maracanã stadium, in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a game in which Diniz’s team will not enter the field as big favorites. On the contrary. Argentina will have favoritism, but, in a clash of this level, anything can happen.

I remember that, at the moment, the Brazilian team is in third place, while the Argentines are in the undefeated lead of the Qualifiers where they have not lost or drawn any game so far.

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