Flamengo scores 3 x 0 Palmeiras

Flamengo scores 3 x 0 Palmeiras
Flamengo scores 3 x 0 Palmeiras

By Eduardo Luiz
11/08/2023, 11:41 pm

Weverton: 4.0
Could have done something better with the last two goals.

Gómez: Zero.
The good performances against São Paulo and Botafogo were the exception. The captain’s second half is Gladstone level.

Luan: 2.0
He watched Pedro for the first goal. He missed a lot of passes. He was the team’s point guard.

Luis Guilherme: 5.0
In small flashes he showed that he cannot be on Breno Lopes’ bench.

Murilo: 2.0
He lost many divisions and positioned himself poorly.

Mike: 2.0
He wasn’t useful as a winger and didn’t help to close spaces.

Zé Rafael: Zero.
He looked like a child among professionals. Slow, inattentive… Performance to forget.

Richard Ríos: Zero.
Another mistake in marking. Were the last good performances misleading?

Fabinho: 4.0
He got into a cold.

Raphael Veiga: Zero.
All he had to do was be called up and he returned to play Daniel Carvalho.

Ron: Zero.
He doesn’t even know why he entered.

Piquerez: 2.0
Very bad at marking and useless at supporting.

Vanderlan: –
Let’s preserve the boy.

Breno Lopes: Zero.
With the score 0-0, he missed a goal. Level of what he lost against Corinthians.

Ships: 3.0
When it came to the third goal, everyone in the defensive system faltered.

Endrick: 7.0
The only one who was saved. The only one who understood what the game was worth. He played alone.

Abel Ferreira: Zero.
A team that uses a formation with three defenders and two midfielders cannot concede the goals it conceded. Against Flamengo and against Botafogo. This depends on the coach, who out of superstition (or stubbornness) never changes the team in the first half. That was the case today. He waited for the break, and then Gómez’s mistake put an unlikely reaction to defeat. Furthermore, he failed to make the team understand the importance of the match. In addition to seeing the title chance as more distant, he “invited” Flamengo to apply.


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3. Abel regrets sending games at Arena Barueri: “I don’t even feel comfortable on the bench”

4. Endrick reaches 10 goals in the year and earns another R$13 million for Palmeiras

5. Palmeiras has already guaranteed 25% of the expected bonus value for the sale of Endrick

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