Ludmilla forgets the words of the national anthem and is compared to Vanusa


Singer Ludmilla was chosen to sing the Brazilian anthem at the Formula 1 Grand Prix (GP) in Brazil, held this Sunday (5), at the Interlagos racetrack, in São Paulo. However, the artist’s presentation was marked by a gaffe.


Ludmilla sang the first verse of the hymn, but stopped singing in the following phrases. The musician who accompanied her, Miguel Vicente, just 12 years old, continued playing the cavaquinho, while the audience sang the lyrics. Then, the singer performed the anthem again and continued normally until the end.

Ludmilla denied that she had forgotten the words to the anthem and stated that the failure occurred due to a sound problem.

“It was exciting, guys! It was really cool, there was just a little flaw in the sound at the beginning, but, in the end, we got it right and killed it”, said the singer in a post on Instagram.

The incident had repercussions on social media and the public began to accuse Ludmilla of having forgotten the lyrics. There was no shortage of criticism against the singer, who was even compared to Vanusa, who presented a chaotic version of the national anthem during a ceremony at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, in 2009.

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