Why has Real Madrid never had a Brazilian goalkeeper? Legend responds

Why has Real Madrid never had a Brazilian goalkeeper? Legend responds
Why has Real Madrid never had a Brazilian goalkeeper? Legend responds

Vladimir BianchiniNov 5, 2023, 06:00Reading: 3 min.

Throughout its centuries-old history, the Real Madridwhich will face the Rayo Vallecano per LALIGA this Sunday (5), at 11am (Brasília time), with broadcast by ESPN on Star+, there were Brazilian players in almost every position on the field. Despite this, the Merengue club has never had a goalkeeper born in the country in its main team.

For legendary archer Buyo, who played for Real for 11 seasons (between 1986 and 1997), the explanation is simple: the reduced number of goalkeepers who stood out in Europe compared to the number of strikers.

“There weren’t many foreign goalkeepers at Real Madrid. In Spain, I believe it is now the same as Brazil in the 2000s. Let’s say, with all my respect, there is a shortage of important goalkeepers, top goalkeepers. In Spain we are suffering at these moments. We don’t have top goalkeepers. Brazil started with Dida as a top goalkeeper,” he told ESPN.com.br.

In Europe, in addition to Dida, who shone in Milan for almost a decade, being two-time champion of Champions LeagueJulius Caesar played a prominent role in Inter Milanwho won the 2010 Triple Crown.

However, the current situation is quite different. Ederson, from Manchester Cityand Alisson, from Liverpoolare hugely successful in world football giants.

“They are two magnificent goalkeepers at the level of the top five in the world. So, of course, this is an enormous wealth for Brazilian football, for the Brazilian Teambecause you have life insurance in goal”, praised Buyo.

Goalkeeper Buyo in action for Real MadridPaul Marriott/EMPICS via Getty Images

The merengue idol also gave his opinion on the former owner of the position at Real until the beginning of the current season: Thibaut Courtois. One of the team’s main highlights in winning the Champions League in 2022, The Belgian suffered a serious injury to his left knee and has been sidelined for three months.

For his place, the club brought Kepa Arrizabalaga, from Chelsea.

“Courtois was among the three best in the world, without a doubt. When he won the Champions League, he was the best. He was at an extraordinary level. In moments when Real Madrid were wavering, Courtois appeared. He is a goalkeeper who makes the difference, because he gave give your companions a lot of security.”

“Unfortunately he was injured, but Real Madrid were very intelligent. Kepa is a goalkeeper who had a very good condition. He had a small downturn in his career and now he has the opportunity to relaunch himself at Real Madrid.”

Since then, the Spaniard trained at Bilbao has conceded just 10 goals in 12 games played.

Kepa in action for Real MadridPedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

“I think Real Madrid made the right decision by signing Kepa, who knows LALIGA well. Real Madrid and his teammates will help him a lot. He is not among the five best goalkeepers in the world, but he can reach a good level at Real Madrid and let’s hope it stays that way”, he concluded.

Where to watch Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano?

Real Madrid x Rayo Vallecanovalid for LALIGAwill be broadcast by ESPN on Star+this Sunday (05), at 5pm (Brasília time).

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