What to eat at the F1 GP? Food and drink prices at the Interlagos Racetrack

What to eat at the F1 GP? Food and drink prices at the Interlagos Racetrack
What to eat at the F1 GP? Food and drink prices at the Interlagos Racetrack

The São Paulo Formula 1 GP is expected to have an audience of 230 thousand people at the venue

The Interlagos Autodrome, in the southern region of the capital of São Paulo, hosts one of the most anticipated stages of the international sporting calendar in 2023. The São Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place this weekend, from the 3rd to the 5th of November, and estimates an audience of 230 thousand people there.

When it comes to watching one of the most anticipated stages of the season, excitement and adrenaline are in the air – and so is hunger. Between training sessions, the Sprint race and the main race, motorsport fans will be able to choose from several options at the drinks and food outlets.

Johnny Rockets, an American chain of snack bars, debuts as one of the GP’s gastronomic attractions. The race track hosts three branded units, located in sectors A, G and M, during the weekend. The menu in sectors A and G includes bacon cheddar sandwiches (R$50), cheeseburger (R$45) and the vegan the streamliner (R$45). The largest store, located in sector M, will also offer combos of sandwiches with American fries (R$65), as well as portions of bacon cheese fries (R$40) and individual snacks.

It is also possible to purchase other types of snacks. In The Factory area, spectators can find hot dogs between R$25 and R$29. Meat, termite and choripan sandwiches cost R$40. Pizza Crek offers the flavors of Tuscany, margherita, hot mixed, chicken with catupiry, shimeji (vegan) and chocolate for R$30.

There are options of meat, chicken and sausage skewers at Mimi, which cost R$ 25. The combo of five skewers totals R$ 120. On site, meat and ham snacks (R$ 40) and meat pastries are sold, cheese and pepperoni with cheese (R$ 26). If you want lighter options, Boali, a healthy food franchise, offers natural snacks (R$26), Caesar salad (R$40) and fruit salad (R$18).

To refresh, Kibon offers fruit popsicles and the classic Tablito, Brigadeiro, Magnum and Corneto between R$ 14 and R$ 25. At Dream Churros, the public can find traditional flavors (R$ 18) with dulce de leche, brigadeiro ( R$ 18), Nutella (R$ 20) and guava paste (R$ 18). Spanish churros cost R$30.

In the Porto stands, the public can find snacks, such as hamburgers with smoked mayonnaise, hot dogs and vegan options, between R$20 and R$50. There are also portions of flank steak (R$44), accompanied by vinaigrette and farofa. Individual pizzas and portions of fries with sauce cost R$28. The chocolate brownie (R$14) and the donut (R$25) are some of the sweets available.

Throughout the event, the selection of drinks includes coconut water and mineral water (R$ 8), soft drinks (R$ 11), juice (R$ 11), Red Bull energy drink (R$ 16) and beer (R$ 16).


When Fri. (3) to Sun. (5).

Where is Autódromo de Interlagos – av. Senador Teotônio Vilela, 261, Interlagos, southern region (Folhapress)

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