Textor says he ‘will not back down’: ‘I’m here to set fire’

Textor says he ‘will not back down’: ‘I’m here to set fire’
Textor says he ‘will not back down’: ‘I’m here to set fire’

ESPN.com.brNov 3, 2023, 11:54Reading: 2 min.

Owner of 90% of SAF do Botafogothe tycoon John Textor issued an official statement following the news that will be sued by the CBF due to strong statements against the entity after upset against Palmeiras 4-3last Wednesday (November 1).

The businessman made it clear that “won’t back down” and who has ambition in command of Botafogo. See John Textor’s official statement below.

Our ambition is clear in our name… BOTAFOGO

I am deeply and passionately invested in the communities I serve… and my love for the people of Brazil grows stronger with each hug.

I have been invited here, by wise people in our government, to help bring change to Brazil’s beautiful game… and I will not back down when challenged by people in positions of power who will do anything, and say anything, to remain firm in power.

We are BOTAFOGO. I’m here to set fire.

Understand the story

Shortly after Bráulio da Silva Machado’s final whistle in Botafogo’s 4-3 comeback defeat to Palmeiras, last Wednesday, John Textor, in an interview with Rede Globo, attacked the arbitration due to Adryelson’s expulsion and spoke of “corruption”.

“The whole world saw, that wasn’t a red card, it [Adryelson] gets to the ball first. I’m not even sure if it was a foul. And it’s not a red card, it changed the game. This is corruption, it’s robbery,” he said.

“You can fine me, Ednaldo, but you need to resign tomorrow morning”, he continued.

“This championship has become a joke. Nobody deserves this. The Palmeiras players don’t want to win like that, we don’t want to lose like that. Gentlemen, you played a beautiful game, but this is f***ing corruption”, he continued.

“This has to change. And you need to resign for the good of the game. You can fine me, expel me, but it’s my stadium, I’ll still be here”, added the tycoon.

Last Thursday, the ESPN found that the CBF will sue the businessman because of his statements. Botafogo still leads the Brazilian championship with 59 points, now three more than Palmeiras, but with one game less.

The team returns to the field in the classic on Monday (6), against Vascoin São Januário, at 7pm, for the 32nd round.

Upcoming Botafogo games:

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