Super Cup is worthless, but Minas x Praia is never friendly

Super Cup is worthless, but Minas x Praia is never friendly
Super Cup is worthless, but Minas x Praia is never friendly

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What is the Super Cup worth?


Things from the current management of CBV, Brazilian Volleyball Confederation.

The event could be much more popular and bring financial and technical benefits to the winner, but it doesn’t change anything for those who win or those who lose.

Obviously, every rule has an exception.

When the theme is Minas x Praia Clube, things change completely.

In this case, and only in this case, the scenario is different.

Minas x Praia Clube is currently the biggest national women’s volleyball classic. A rivalry that grows every season and affects fans and sponsors.

The result of the state championship, given the short time that the two coaches had to work on their respective squads and new faces, does not serve as much of a parameter.

Not now.

Nicola Negro, the loudmouth and owner of Minas, and Paulo Coco can now be charged.

Both had a reasonable period, although far from ideal, to work on the collective and tactical aspects.

Regardless of post-game justifications and explanations, Minas x Praia Clube always has consequences.

And the Super Cup final, just because they are both involved, will be no different.

To be checked.

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