First Minas Gerais Surfing Championship holds first post-pandemic edition – – Jornal Estado de Minas

First Minas Gerais Surfing Championship holds first post-pandemic edition – – Jornal Estado de Minas
First Minas Gerais Surfing Championship holds first post-pandemic edition – – Jornal Estado de Minas

After three years of absence from BH’s cultural calendar, due to the pandemic, the First Mineiro Surfing Championship returns this weekend, with its 19th edition, which will be held at Casa Cultural Matriz. The groups Abelha, Reverb All Stars, Las Serpientes Nadadoras and Ivan Motosserra Surf&Trash are the attraction this Friday (3/11). On Saturday (11/4), it’s the turn of the bands Garagem Dinossauro, Roger Pixixo e os Românticos de Havana, Dirty Quarantine and Light Strucks to take the stage.

According to organizer Claudão Pilha, “the Brazilian surfing scene is doing very well”, as evidenced by the holding of this event, led by the Reverb Brasil label, which promotes an online version on YouTube.

He says that the selection of participants was made via batteries in several Brazilian cities, in September and October, such as Manaus, Curitiba and Londrina, among others. A version of the festival was held in São Paulo last weekend. “Now this whole movement of more than two months of batteries culminates with the 19th First Minas Gerais Surfing Championship”, he says.

Reverb All Stars, the opening attraction, is, in reality, a gathering of musicians who play in various bands in the capital of Minas Gerais. “This time it will be interesting, because the repertoire will only consist of songs from these bands, who have played at the festival over the past 20 years”, notes the organizer.

Las Serpientes Nadadoras and Ivan Motosserra Surf&Trash, also attractions on the first day of the event, are from São Paulo and Salvador, respectively. Saturday’s agenda starts with the miners from Roger Pixixo and the Românticos de Havana and continues with the Paraná band from Dirty Quarantine and the miners from Garagem Dinossauro and Light Strucks.

Pilha comments that “the name Championship, in fact, is a joke. In fact, it’s a lot of jokes together, firstly, Minas Gerais Surfing Championship, because in Minas Gerais there is no sea. It’s another thing to call the event a championship.”

According to him, “the champions are the bands that will play and interact with the others. It’s a sensational moment in the scene, because it, in a way, is niche, with surf music, rock and instrumentals and a few other flavors, like the punk rock and trash of Garagem Dinossauro and the axé punk of Abelha”.

The previous edition was held in 2019 and even had an international guest, with the participation of a Spanish band. “For the BH public, it’s a really cool opportunity to get to know the latest developments in the world of instrumental and original music in Brazil. It’s a unique opportunity that only happens once a year to bring cool bands in this style, so it’s really worth checking out”, says Claudão Pilha.

This Friday (3/11) and Saturday (4/11), from 9pm, at Casa Cultural Matriz (Av. Álvares Cabral, 400, Centro). Tickets: R$35, on sale at the entrance and at Sympla. More information: 31.3212-6122.

Other shows


Zezé di Camargo and Luciano perform this Saturday (21/10), at 8pm, at Star415 Eventos (Rua Star 415, Jardim Canada). The country folk are reviving their biggest hits, present on the “Novos temos” tour, with which they are touring Brazil. Tickets: R$ 150 (2nd lot, arena open bar) and R$ 230 (2nd lot: front stage open bar), on sale on the website


Jovem Guarda icons, Minas Gerais singer and composer Eduardo Araújo and the band Os Incríveis perform this Saturday (21/10), at 9pm, at the Centro Cultural Unimed-BH Minas (Rua da Bahia, 2.244, Lourdes). Hits such as “O bom”, “Tutti frutti”, “Get back, “O milionário”, “Eu te amo meu Brasil” and “Marcas do que se foi” are part of the set list. Tickets:
R$ 150 (full), on sale at
local box office and through Eventim.
Information: (31) 3516-1360.


Paying homage to Alcione while he was still alive is the purpose of Adriana Araújo, currently one of the voices of samba in Belo Horizonte. The show takes place this Saturday (10/21), at 9pm, at A Autêntica (Rua Álvares Maciel, 312, Santa Efigênia). In the repertoire, hits such as “Sufoco”, “Meu ébano” and “Não let o samba die”. Tickets from R$30 (lot 3, social half), on sale at

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