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Head of Aston Martin, Mike Krack denied that the team is “lost” in the season 2023 from the Formula 1. The director stated that they are not trying things that are unreasonable, but focused on engineering discussions and analyzing alternatives.

The team of Fernando Alonso It is Lance Stroll was one of the protagonists in the first part of the 2023 F1 season, but gradually fell behind. Now, Aston Martin has fifth place in the World Constructorsbehind Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari It is McLaren.

Asked if Aston Martin had lost its way in Formula 1, Krack replied: “I understand that impression, and I was also waiting for that question.”

“But I think when you’re lost, you’re rolling the dice, trying things that aren’t reasonable. And that is not the case”, he assured. “We are very focused on engineering discussions, analyzing alternatives, understanding the findings we have in the team and then making pragmatic decisions”, he continued.

Mike Krack assured that Aston Martin is not lost in F1 (Photo: Aston Martin)

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Recently, Eric Blandin, technical director of Aston Martin, revealed that incorrect data produced in a simulator hindered the development of the Aston Martin car in the second half of the year. According to Krack, the problem has been resolved, but the complexity of current cars is a complicating factor.

“Cars are complex and you try to improve them all the time. Then, when it brings updates — we know the problems we had in Austin — I don’t think we have to go through them again,” she commented. “At the Austin race, we were very happy with the way everything went, but then we went to Mexico and we weren’t where we thought we would be or the car didn’t do what was expected”, he continued.

“It’s something we need to work on, as we have other tracks with [curvas] low and different characteristics, so it is important to understand what you are doing”, he defended. “The best solution to understand is to revert to something, compare it to something you know. From an engineering point of view, this is the best approach”, he concluded.

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