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Norris says he supported Palmeiras in an upset and forgets Botafogo’s name

Norris says he supported Palmeiras in an upset and forgets Botafogo’s name
Norris says he supported Palmeiras in an upset and forgets Botafogo’s name

The British pilot Lando Norris never hid his support for Palm trees. Since 2021, when he comes to Brazil, he goes to Allianz Parque to watch a game of the Alviverde team. This Thursday, at the Autódromo de Interlagos for the Sao Paulo GP in Formula 1the pilot of McLaren revealed that he was thrilled with Palmeiras’ 4-3 comeback, but forgot the name of the opponent, the Botafogo.

“Palmeiras won yesterday against the leader. I don’t remember the name. The other team was winning until halfway through the game with three goals, but Palmeiras turned it around. I wasn’t at the stadium this year, but I support Palmeiras”, he said Norris.

One of the people with whom Norris created the most relationship was the Palmeiras coach, Abel Ferreira. The two spoke at the Palmeiras games in 2021 and 2022 and also in the paddock of the Autódromo de Interlagos. The Brit is also hot: he watched the 4-0 defeat of Atlético Goianiense, in 2021; the following year, he accompanied the 2-1 victory over América-MG in the game to award the cup for Brazil’s 11th title.

“Abel (Ferreira) invited me last year to the game. I haven’t been to many games, but I’ve been to more of their games than the rest of the people. I congratulate them on yesterday, they left the title race open”, analyzed Norris.

This time, it will be a little complicated for Norris to watch a Palmeiras game at the stadium. On Saturday, the Alviverde club will not have Allianz Parque available and will play the game with Athletico-PR at Arena Barueri, at 9:30 pm.


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