Flamengo x Santos summary: Bruno Henrique gets complicated

Flamengo x Santos summary: Bruno Henrique gets complicated
Flamengo x Santos summary: Bruno Henrique gets complicated

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In the early hours of this Thursday (2), the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) published the summary of Flamengo 1 x 2 Santosat Mané Garrincha, at Brazilian championship. The reports should bring a lot of head to the Rio team.

In the document, the judge Rafael Rodrigo Klein pointed out the reasons for the cards given to the attacker Bruno Henriquewho got involved in a huge mess in the final part of the match after taking a “pen” from Soteldofrom Fish. check out:

  • Yellow card: “Striking an opponent in a reckless manner while fighting for the ball”

  • Red card: “For offending me with the following words: ‘You’re a piece of shit’, with his finger raised towards my face, after a foul was called and also after being warned with a yellow card. After being sent off, the athlete came towards me, being restrained by his companions. I inform you that I felt offended”

Because of the cards, in fact, the number 27 must face a double suspension in the Brasileirão.

As he was “hanging”, Bruno Henrique will receive two hooks: one for the yellow accumulation and one for the red.

In this way, the player must lose commitments against Strength It is Palm treesboth for Series A.

The referee also justified the direct red card applied to the steering wheel Gersonstill in the 1st half, after analysis by VAR.

“For striking the opponent with his elbow in the face, with the use of excessive force, while fighting for the ball,” the judge wrote.

Game bid between Flamengo and Santos, for the Brazilian ChampionshipRaul Baretta/Santos FC

Throwing objects

In the summary, Rafael Rodrigo Klein also reported the throwing of several objects on the field by the fans of the team. Flamengo.

The vandalism occurred precisely after the confusion between Bruno Henrique and Soteldo, with the red-and-black athlete being hit in the face with a glass of water.

The judge, however, informed that the defender Rodrigo Caio was hit, not BH.

“I report that, 50 minutes into the second half, bottles with unidentified liquid were thrown towards the playing field, coming from where the Flamengo fans were, hitting Rodrigo Caio,” he wrote.

Finally, Klein also reported the throwing of a chair towards the refereeing team.

“I report that, after the end of the game, when the referee team was heading to the access tunnel to the changing rooms, a plastic seat and also unidentified liquids were thrown towards the referee team, not hitting anyone”, he concluded.

Now, the STJD Attorney’s Office (Superior Court of Sports Justice) must open a complaint against Flamengo, applying punishments and fines to the team for the confusion.

Flamengo’s next games:

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